Why You Need a CRM System With Data Analytics & Reports

It’s the age of data, technology and analytics. Businesses that use the best crm system to analyze their data and come up with new strategies flourish. On the other hand, those who rely on hindsight and intuition take the way south. For this very reason, Agentcis serves its users with analytics that purely intends on giving clear idea about where their business is heading.

If you have an agency business that’s in the growth stage then, there could be no better option than Agentcis. Let’s find out how.

1.Business Opportunities

Agentcis’ Dashboard overview is carefully designed so you can get a clear picture of where your business is. Here, you can see which of your offerings is doing better and which is not. For example, if most of your clients are processing for Canadian Visa then you can train most of your agents to specialize in it. That’s where most of your revenue is coming from so it’s wise to engage your idle agents there.

2.Performance Monitoring

Agentcis provides you a graph that shows individual counsellor’s performance in respect to the number of clients they are serving. Along with that, you can even find out which stages the clients are in. With this information, you can identify the better performing employees and those who are slacking off. Moreover, you can reward the best employees and employ strategies to motivate others.

3. Partners and Products

Agentcis gives you a snapshot of which partners you are dealing with the most to serve your clients. It also lets you know the products that are most in demand. Along with that, you can even find out which time of the year is the busiest for certain course of enrollment in certain university through time graph. With this information, you can decide where to find more partners and which products to focus more on. Furthermore, you can even let go of those that aren’t in demand. By doing so, you will be able to save time, effort and money to invest somewhere productively.

4. Marketing strategies

Since, you’re aware about the services most of your clients are using, you can make out that these are high in demand. You can also see a shift in client preferences over a time period. So,  market those specific services and use market opportunities in your favor to attract more clients. Furthermore, an analysis by McKinsey & Company showed that using data to make better marketing decisions can increase marketing productivity by 15-20%. So, use Agentcis crm system to get accurate and reliable data to help you make decisions.

5. Productivity and Efficiency

Gone are the times when you had to fill every detail in a software or jot them down somewhere and analyze them number by number. Agentcis crm system gives you an analysis of your data every day with each change in the data. And it doesn’t even stop there, you can choose to see the performance of all your branches together or separately. This way you’re able to make analysis of your business’ performance and plan for better.

Agentcis promises to make your business better by providing all the information about your business performance. Moreover, it is meant to help you manage your agency and support your way to growth.

If you’re looking to succeed then this is high time you employ the best crm system there is-Agentcis. Sign up for 14 days free trial and look forward to growth and success.


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