Don’t wait for the leads pipeline to pile up: Automate it today!

When your marketing team runs any campaigns effectively to generate leads, you will see that you will be getting a lot of leads. If you can, make sure you convert them quickly so that they can be your client. Because if you don’t, your leads pipeline will pile up. For quicker conversion of the leads, there are many methods you can apply. But automating the conversion of leads into clients is the best possible way to secure your clients. So give it a try!

To automate your lead conversion first of all you need to have CRM software that can help you automate the procedure. There are many CRM software that can manage your business, but if you are an education and migration agent, then Agentcis can be the best choice. With Agentcis you can create your create automation yourself to facilitate your business processes as per your wish. Today we will describe how you can automate the conversion of your leads into clients with Agentcis.

Leads Pipeline


Set your own triggers with Agentcis

Understanding Automation is not that difficult. In Agentcis automation works according to the trigger points that you set. When any of the trigger points is clicked then there will be an action. For instance, if any of your staff adds a new lead contact in Agentcis CRM it acts as a trigger. After the new contract is recorded inside the CRM  various actions can be taken. After adding the new contacts, users can add tags, create a new task or assign a task to any of your employees. These lists of functions are the actions that can be performed automatically when the trigger of “New Contact” is set.

Obviously, the number of triggers and actions is not just as explained above. There is various automation you can construct with agentcis so that you don’t have to wait for the leads pipeline to pile up.

Automate to convert leads into prospects

With the help of the Automation feature, you can actually convert your leads into prospects. It is because you can be in frequent touch with them. This action will pamper your leads and set a positive image of your consultancy in their mind. Here is the list of things you can automate so that you can convert leads into prospects.

  • Automatically create a new task once there’s a new lead:

With Agentcis, users can automatically create a new task and assign it to the employees. To do this users have to set the trigger of “Create a New Task”.   Once you set this automation a new task will appear in the dashboard of the assignee. Also, you can set a deadline if you want to. This automation feature is designed to help all our users acquire the highest number of clients.

Click here to learn more about automating in Agentcis.

  • Send new SMS to your leads automatically:

Just like sending an email, Agentcis can help its users to send automatic SMS to the leads. This will help to stay in touch with the leads. To set this automation, users have to visit the Advance Automation Settings on the settings tab. Then click “Add” to create a new automation. After that, you can set the name of your automation and set a trigger. For leads, you have to select the trigger of “New Contact Added”. After you select this you can choose “Send New SMS” as an action.

  •   Send emails to the lead with set templates

If you want to send automatic emails, it is possible with Agentcis too. For the emails, you can set a template too. So that you can stay in touch with the leads without having to draft similar emails again and again. While you set this action you can create the email template.

Add tags to the leads

To manage your leads you can set different tags for them in Agentcis. This will help the marketing team create marketing strategies to convert the leads into prospects. For instance, users can tag the leads on the basis of their preferred country to study abroad. With the help of the tags, the marketing team can run an email or SMS campaign accordingly. This will increase the chance for the education agency to gain more customers.

Final Thoughts

As an agency, receiving a high number of clients is an achievement. So achieving this is a big feat for all the agencies. All of the managers can think about automating the lead pipeline. Agentcis can obviously be a great choice for agencies who are looking to automate their business functions. One of the reasons why agentcis is very popular amongst education agents is because of its features. In the end, we can say that Agentcis will help all its clients to clear the leads pipeline by automatically changing them into prospects.










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