Education Agents: Biggest Course Advising Mistakes

International student recruitment is a tough job and it can sometimes be quite difficult for you as an education agent. Students come to you with the hope of having a better future and career decisions. But, in the course of your career, you may tend to make a lot of advising mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. Of course, it’s a different story that people hardly admit, especially when it comes to working. Mistakes let you learn and grow, but it comes with a hefty cost— the cost of losing trust, the cost of losing your clients, the cost of losing your counselling license, and whatnot.

So, before you make any, we have listed the biggest course advising mistakes to help you avoid such in your course advising career as an education agent.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Students come with high hopes and aspirations. But this does not mean that you can add on to their aspirations and set unrealistic expectations for them. Before you advise them on courses and applications, deliver all the pros and cons you know and let them decide. Your job is to make things clear rather than imposing a certain decision. For instance, if you know that their visa is not going to be approved, be honest and let them know. It is always better to be transparent. Because in the end, it’s not just about profit and business, but it’s about the ethical work attitude which will go a long way.

Being careless

Advising is a huge responsibility. It is all about the right coordination and flow of information between clients, partners, and you. You cannot afford to be careless in delivering the information. You have to work with migration agents, partners, and sub-agents as well. So, it is important to update them on your progress as well. And applying for an education service is time-sensitive as well. You need to be aware of key dates and recent updates. The better you manage your time, the better you can serve your clients.

Inefficient file management

Everybody knows, an agency has a heap of files and documents of clients stored unmanaged in some corner of the office. Though things are getting digital now, there are still many application documents that are unarranged. You should not do that. Inefficient file management can be a big loss for you. So, it is better to maintain a CRM system to manage this process.

Agentcis offers a document checklist and client portal in your system so that you can access all the information and organize it better. It ensures that all the information provided by the client is accurate, updated, and correct. It also helps you in preparing and checking all legal documents.

For more information on the Agentcis Document Checklist feature, read more here ➞

Failing to stay up-to-date

You are expected to be updated on all the recent news and updates regarding international education and legislation. Any changes in legislation can affect the course conditions. A good way to stay up-to-date is scheduling a time with an education’s provider’s representative for the latest information and changes in relation to the courses they offer.

Any news can ease or hinder the application process. So, it is necessary to maintain knowledge of student visa conditions and client courses and processes.

Final Thoughts

To ensure the best service to your clients, you need to make sure you aren’t making any mistakes in the course advising stage as an education agent. If these mistakes sound familiar to you, it’s time to admit and avoid them.

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