5 Tips To Convert Leads Into Clients For Educational Consulting Firms

The educational consulting firm needs to know all about how they can turn a student they counseled earlier into their clients. Working to convert leads can be tough. The successful educational consulting firm requires a productive working model. The idea behind the profession may be very novel but if the fundamental structures are not in place, then success becomes a distant thought. An individual or organization can only evolve if their daily functions are running smoothly, saving them time and money. When your management and workflow become efficient rather than being a burden, new ideas and innovations find the space to grow.

When it comes to the educational consulting firm, clients will expect them to make their applications successful as well as solve problems along the way. This requires a lot of trust building, embedded in everything an agency does. As much as being a good manager is important, the agency also needs to be honest and transparent with the information they share with prospective clients. At a time when they are turning to you for help, the information provided to them must be helpful and timely. A good educational consulting firm should be about establishing a long-term relationship, without luring clients for short-term benefits.

Agentcis, can do the job efficiently without burdening you or your staff. It will provide you with agency analytics. The software enables you to take note of everything in the ‘Prospect Profile’ section and retrieve it as and when required, including emailing the potential clients directly from within the app.

Educational consulting firm around the world have a lot on their plate when it comes to dealing with clients, partner institutions, and immigration offices. Here are five basic tips that can help you convert leads into clients:

Send Appointment Reminders

Once a prospect has contacted you and wants to meet, make sure you send them an appointment reminder at least one day before the meeting. It should include the date, time and location. This is a great way of showing your professionalism and creating a good first impression even before you have actually met the prospect.

Agentcis users can create appointments and schedule them within the app. Appointment notifications are shown on Users dashboard whenever the user logs in.

Make Exceptional First Impressions

First impressions really matter! Attire and body language can make the difference in winning or losing the prospect. The attire must be professional, neat and tidy while the body language should be warm and inviting. Also, make sure your office and meeting rooms are clean and the items well placed, without any clutter. This will help an educational consulting firm stand out from the rest of the crowd.

For more information about making the first impression, you can check out Hubspot.

Send Email Notes

After prospective clients have met you in person, email detailed minutes or notes about the meeting. Ideally, it should include details that capture the essence of your meetings such as the decisions made and the steps ahead.

Client Followup


Always Follow Up

For an educational consulting firm, good communication is the key to winning over clients. After you meet a prospect, make sure an appropriate time and day are marked by the ‘follow up’. However, this should not be intrusive and annoying for the potential client or give the impression that you are desperate for the business. It must be subtle and part of your regular service. Think of a creative way to do so and be clear on what you are trying to achieve. For instance, it could be in the form of updating the prospect of a new policy or a minor detail you may have missed, during the meeting.

Offer Attractive Incentives

We all love freebies. However, offer incentives that make sense to them and your business to convert leads. It could be anything that helps your prospect come onboard.  Few examples of such may be a discounted service fee; scholarship options for students via partner institutions or a free visa application service on joining the course. Be creative, there are many ways you can create a Win-Win Situation.

The most believable assurance that you can give to a client is that your processes are error-free. When a prospect understands that your agency is serious about streamlining the processes of managing, validating, and monitoring their applications, ‘trust’ follows naturally. This is how you and another educational consulting firm can eventually convert leads into clients.

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