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Capture your clients effectively

Lead Forms

Generate Leads using Online Forms from all the imaginable sources like; website, social media, seminars, referrers, sub-agents and so on.

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Market without boundary

Generate leads from anywhere, no boundary when it comes to generating the lead.


Create as much as lead forms you require, no limitation when it comes to expanding your business.


Not all leads can be approached in the same way. So, we offer the feature to modify fields and use the lead form as your necessity.

Resource saving

Save time, money and manpower as our system frees you from the hassle of printing, distributing and recording data of leads.

Embed option

System generated code which you can embed in your business website to reach more leads.

QR code

A unique QR code for each form will allow you to share it on different social platforms or download it to use in your business cards, banners, brochures, pamphlets and so on.

Identify the source

Don’t just waste your marketing costs on inefficient sources. Get to know where your leads are coming from with simple settings.

No extra cost

Why spend $1000s creating and printing forms when you can use Agentcis and not only create but customize and distribute the lead form with no additional charge.

Office Check-In

Record each client visit to your office with a timestamp and let your team manage their client session with comments and notes directly in Check-In.

Office Check-in Flat Image

Inspect the time taken by counselor per session to determine his/her performance and take necessary actions accordingly.

Measure Cost and Evaluate

On the basis of attended time, determine your counselor’s time taken to convert a lead or prospect. The manager can also evaluate the overall performance of the counselor.

Office Visit Tracking

Know how many time your lead, prospect or client has visited your office and know what was discussed in the meeting within a second.

Interested Services

Know what your leads or prospects are interested in, through Lead Forms or manual entry, and convert them to the clients by sending quotation and adding an application.

Minimizes customer turnover

Follow up with interested services minimizes the customer turnover; as the client is odds-on to apply for it.

Better Guidance to your Team

Just by looking into the contact profile, your team can easily know what he/she was interested in, and sell the service accordingly.

Get Ready for Future

Create future service plan in advance for your clients, so that you never miss them.

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Send a quick quote to your contacts from their interested services to assist them in determining the cost and affordability.

Email Management Illustration
Quotation Template

Save time by creating a generic quotation template which can be frequently used.

Provide Guidance

Prepare a quotation focusing on the client’s interested service, which guides him/her to make a decision and start an application from your agency.

Multiple quotations

Send more than one quotation to a client to give them multiple options.

Email Templates

Predefine your email templates that increase your team efficiency and reduces human errors in communication process

Unlimited Templates

Create, save and use different email templates so that you don’t have to waste time creating a new email content every time.

Merge System Fields

Add your client first name, last name or client ID as placeholders in email template, so it automatically get the related data from the system give more personalization in the emails.

Templates in Email Compose

Save time by directly mailing your client or partner with an already created email template for quick communication.

Client Portal


Introducing Client Beta , Now you can let your user to view the details about their current application stages as well as clients themselves can update their basic personal information and more.


Manage all your data and finances in 1 place

See what Agentcis has to offer to manage all your clients, partners, sub-agents and finances.


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