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Smart Email Automation

Develop and Maintain brand loyalty, good word-of mouth and client relationship with the automated emails.

Auto Birthday Message

Client loyalty can be achieved by simply remembering their birthday.

Auto VISA Expiry Reminders

Show you care by reminding the client about their VISA expiry date and follow up with the interested services.

Auto Application Update

In order to keep a client notified, an email is sent once the application stage changes. Also, this helps in showing your client that you have not forgotten about their application.

Auto Form Submission Confirmation

An automated email send after lead form submission to make them assure that your agency will contact them.

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Advance Reporting System

The advance reporting that can help you in making a business decision, locating the problem and making plans to achieve set goals of your agency.

Partners and Products
Contact Report

Quick and efficient way of acquiring accurate information of leads, prospects and clients with their sources for proper monitoring and further analysis.

Application Report

Get detailed information of in progress, discontinued and completed application to make relevant future decision.

Invoice Reports

Easily prepare report of paid/unpaid invoices with all the valuable information like total fee, income sharing amount, client name, product name and many more.

Sales Forecast Reporting

Automatic report to determine the contact revenue, partner revenue and total forecast with the expected win date to assist you in making your business decision.

Excel Export

An easy option to download the report in excel format for your further data analysis.

Custom Roles

Create your own roles to keep your data secured and safe by managing the access and authority to your system

Predefined Roles

A predefined roles to match your team member’s responsibilities and duties.

Customize Permission in Deeper Level

Choose the level of access in different system modules you want to provide to your team member so that your data is secured.

Manage Control

Give access to your system as much is needed only so that it’s easy for them to work and they aren’t overwhelmed with the massive information.

Edit Permission in Personal Level

Delegate different permissions to same role team members as the work one member does differs from the another.

Partners and Products
Partners and Products

Powerful Service Workflow

Create a well-defined stages to make sure your operation runs systematically and smoothly.

Multiple Service Workflow

The working stages differs depending upon the services you provide, so you can create multiple workflow for each service in order to run your agency operation smoothly.

Mandatory Fields

Make few actions like adding a notes or document mandatory so that you get all the required information and nothing important is missed by your team.

Customizable Stages

With an option to add up to 20 stages, you can be ensured your lengthy works are also completed in systematic manner.

Workflow Changes

As business progress, lots of things changes, so do service process. Easily edit your service process with drag and drop at any time, and automatically synchronize the change throughout the system.

Bulk Emailing

Save time with an option to send bulk email from the system to your clients

Quick notification

You can send quick notification or alert mail on bulk to all your clients and inform them on time.

Program Invitation

Send an invitation to your client for the event / seminar or any program through a bulk email.

Individual option

Even though you send a bulk email, each and every client will get an individual email.

Sales forecast

Make a quick business decision and plan for growth with an estimation of your revenue from the application and the interested services of your prospects and clients.

Partners and Products
Budget preparation

Create a budget for your business operation with the beforehand knowledge of the estimated revenue from a prospect or client and work accordingly.

Revenue sharing

Be prepared for the revenue sharing with the sub-agents by taking the calculation of estimated revenue in consideration.

Future Investments

Rapidly grow your business by making a future investment plan with the help of present estimation of the revenue.

Invoicing and Financial Control

A better client data and accounts connection, to record and manage all the financial data along with agency-specific commission invoices.

Commission Invoicing

Easily creatable net claim and gross claim invoice with the feature of reminder notification.

General Invoicing

Create an invoice for any other general service given to client or partner so that you never miss a penny.

Managing Client Discounts

Keep proper information of discount given to the client so that your finance is on check.

Client & Partner Connection

A single platform to manage the information of client and partner to keep track of all your financial transaction.

Income sharing

Maintain proper record of payables and receivables with the referrer while doing income sharing.

Invoice Scheduling

Schedule a due date for an invoice in the specific application stage to be reminded of income collection.

Invoice Reports

Entered transactions or data processed into the report form automatically for your ease.

Email invoices

A client profile is connected to their respective invoices and financial details so you can email them the invoice from the system.


Set a target and a measuring parameter to evaluate whether the target is achieved or not within the said time period.

Role Wise
Role wise

Increase your team efficiency by setting a KPI target for everyone who are working on same role.

Team member wise
Team member wise

Evaluate and improve the working efficiency of your team member by setting a specific KPI target.

Graphical representation
Graphical representation

The graphical representation which makes it easy for you to view and determine the progress of the KPI target.

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