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Managing your process and data efficiently

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Track your client journey from lead to prospect to client, and store all their information in a single platform to make contact management easy.

Easy Acquisition

Grab your leads into your system through lead forms easily with defined sources, or import them in bulk from other platforms with excel.

Prioritize your leads

Longer you make your leads wait, higher the risk of losing them. In such wise, we present you days in queue, to prioritize leads that have been in a queue longer.

All Applications in 1 place

Effortlessly manage the multiple application of your client from their profile.

Track Visa Expiry

Input Visa Expiry date and relax, as system notifies you before client VISA expires and follow-up accordingly.

Contact Assignee

Assigning a team member to every prospect is compulsory in our system, to ensure no one is left out.


Client journey related action is shown in activities for you to quickly grasp the information about what is happening.

Partners and Product Management

Maintain a better relationship with your partners by storing and managing all the information related to partners and their products in one place.

Partners and Products
Contract Expiry Date

Add your Partner contract expiry and get notified before it expires so that you never lose a deal and commissions.

Partner Database

We know hardship of maintaining Partners & their Products Data, therefore we have maintained about 150,000 products from all around the world for you. Simply Import and save heaps of your time.

Product Information

Get detailed information about all the products offered by the partner in their profile section.

Document management

Easily upload and store the documents related to partner or product in their specific profile.

Related Applications

View and access all enrolled client’s applications with their status (In-Progress, Completed & Discontinued) in the partner’s offered product.

Task Management

Boost team productivity and get more done with advance task management and track your day-to-day tasks at each level.

Task Management Flat Image


Create a quick appointment with your client or partner and invite your team member on the go. All the invitee gets auto email notifications, so you don’t miss them.

Appointments Flat Image


Write down every major and minor important details and information for future reference.

Notes Flat Image
Partners and Products

Email Inbox & Outbox

Never miss an email and store them in one place for future reference or as a proof

Email Inbox

Easily integrate your email inbox in Agentcis with few simple steps so you don’t miss a incoming conversation.

Email Outbox

Send email to your clients or partners directly from the system to save time and increase your work efficiency.

Smart Email Matching

Smart email system which recognizes your client's and partner’s only emails and stores them in the respective conversation, so you can see all the related communications in their profile.

Email Management Illustration

Client Applications

Experience the most convenient and efficient way to manage your client applications in one page and track the client journey at every stage with ease.

Multiple Assignee

Assign multiple team members into the application process for easy collaboration of work.


Effortlessly, add related documents in the application so that others working on the application can easily access it without hassle.

Activity Log

Be updated about everything and never miss any step with an application stage-wise viewing of activities taken so far.

Keep Client in Loop

An auto email notification is sent to a client once an application stage changes to keep them updated in the application process.

Days in a queue

Plan and prioritize the application by looking at the number of days in a queue; also helps in evaluating the efficiency of your team members.

Documents Checklist

Make the addition of certain documents or notes mandatory in the application stage to confirm all the required information is collected.

SMS Feature

Send SMS from agentcis to keep establishment of communication wihin your system. This features also helps the app users to manage their communication through their clients, partners and agents.

Easy Number Purchase

Buy phone numbers by searching according to your location and service type available with the phone numbers.

Allow User Sharing

Share phone number with multiple users in the team. Allow users on same team to communicate with individual number

Send & Recieve SMS

Start sending text message to others directly to their phone number so that they will never miss a message.

Smart Notification

Get notified when you need it most

List of Notifications
Email Notification

Get auto notification in your email for the things that matters such as Leads in Queue, Applications in Queue, Invoice Due Dates and many others.

System Notification

Allow desktop notification, so you get notified as it happens so that you never lose important updates.


Customize the notification as your necessity. You can choose the activities to be notified of, and also set the first/second reminder date.

Application Notification

Design notification based on when you would like to be notified on each stage of the client application journey.

Action Oriented

The notification creates a convenience for you to take necessary immediate actions.

Grow your agency potential to reach new heights

Agentcis provides the data and features that can unleash your growth potential without limitation.

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