Create custom predefined stages of your services as a workflow to ensure your business operations run smoothly and on track.



Multiple Service Workflow

Different services offered by your Education & Migration agency will not follow the same process. With Agentcis, you can create multiple workflows to match the process of service.

Stay Organised

You can easily take various actions in the service workflow to maxmise your productivity. Send emails, create tasks, upload documents and make notes all within the same page. You can also add the start & end date, the client ID and an appliciation intake field for each workflow stage.

Mandatory Fields

Add mandatory fields like adding a notes or documents so that you get all the required information and nothing important is missed by your team.

Customizable Stages

Option to add up to 20 stages, you can be ensured your lengthy processes are also completed in systematic manner.

Tailored to Suit Your Business

Agentcis was built as an all-in-one workspace to cater to your business’s different services. We understand that each service will follow a different process, hence why workflows were created.

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