Community Workshop: Agentcis Reports

Do you have difficulty using Agentcis Report? Don’t know where to start?

Join us on the next community workshop to learn how you can get most of Agentcis Reports.

Using Agentcis Reports, you can easily analyse different kinds of data including that of clients, applications, invoice, office check-in, sales forecast & tasks.

Generate customisable reports for your business

You can generate customisable reports on Agentcis where a specific display and some filters can be applied as per your choice.

You are able to choose what columns you want to display and apply specific filters to get reports on certain clients or partners.

Getting meaningful insights on clients, applications & invoices

Gathering insights on your clients is way too easy in Agentcis. This can help you in defining growth strategies for your business.

For example: You can come up with invoices due in the next 1 month with a particular University.

Define accountability for team members

By applying the “Assignee” filter, you can categorise the clients, applications, tasks and invoices as per the counsellor name.

This helps you in defining accountability and producing desired outcomes for exponential income rise.


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