How Agentcis can help your Education Agency?

An education agent has to go through numerous clients and their data every day. Due to this, organizing them plays a vital role in providing the best service to the client. Besides this, they also have to manage partner information and product information. To help such agents various developers create CRM software. There are numerous software in the market that an education agent can use. But for an Agent only those that help them really matters. Agentcis is one such example. Let’s discuss how Agentcis can help your education agency.

Agentcis in Acquiring Clients

Users of Agentcis can easily acquire leads and convert them into a client. It is because Agentcis lets you create multiple lead forms that your agency can share. All the lead forms you create will be customizable and can be integrated easily anywhere. Also, Agentcis help your customers judge the products and services. There’s a feature called “Quotation” to help you with that. Agents can create creating a custom quotation template. Your agents can then send them to the customers easily.
Integration feature also makes Agentcis an inclusive software. You can integrate Agentcis with Gmail, Google Calendar, Mail Chimp, and many more. Because of this feature, your agency can easily function to acquire new clients. Read how Agentcis used automation to make your tasks simpler.


Manage and Organize with Agentcis

As mentioned earlier, organizing clients and product data is an important step in running an agency. Agentcis will help your education agency do so as well. It ensures that you have all your client’s information in one place, where you can easily follow your client’s activities. Our system notifies you before the client’s visa expires. You can follow up with your client and advise another service to the client. We maintain over 150,000 products from all around the world. Users of Agentcis can directly import these products as well.

5 Things Automate With Agentcis for Education Agencies

Besides managing partner relations, Agentcis also provides an easy document management feature. Simply upload and store the documents related to the partner or product in their specific profile. This makes the work simpler and more efficient.

Agency managers can keep track of individual and team tasks as well. With the Agentcis task management feature different counselors can be assigned. Alongside this Agentcis will hep your team to  add scheduled reminder to complete tasks on time. You can also join the Agentcis Counselor Certificate program to know more about this feature.

Tracking an application’s progress is simple in Agentcis. The users can utilize the application management feature to do so. Inside this the users can access the document checklist tab to never miss a document. Now this will keep you updated always.

Grow with Agentcis

Agentcis will let you view the key insights of your agency to make informed business decisions. Our dashboard is designed in such a way that you will see the summary of all the important activities going on in your organization. Creating invoice report is also simple in Agentcis. It is because information like total fee, income sharing amount, client name, and product name are easily available. Reports are available immediately with realtime data so you don’t need to wait. Agents can also export reports in an CSV file for your further data analysis.


At the end we can say that each and every function of Agentcis is developed carefully to cater what an agent needs. Due to this Agentcis is the #1 choice of agents around the world. We already have a growing family of over 3000 users and we will be more than happy to help more agencies to grow with us. Join our 14 days free trial today to experience our software.

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