How can agents effectively make use of Email Marketing?

Marketers in today’s competitive world need to achieve more things in less time. This context is relevant not only for the marketers but also for the agents in the education and migration business. The agents need to connect with the clients or prospects in a highly personalized way. Having said that, they also need to make sure to achieve that target within the budget or aim at a better return on investment of each penny spent on marketing. 

Hence, one of the effective ways of connecting with clients is email marketing. Email marketing, if done correctly, can be affordable and can generate a better conversion as well.

With Agentcis CRM, you can effectively make use of email marketing to make connections with clients, send them reminders, and get things done in an effective and personalised way. Here’s how.

Automate reminders

You can automate sending reminder emails to clients to notify them of lead form submission, client payment instalment date, visa expiry, and much more. Be it the very first lead notification or a single change in the application process, the Agentcis CRM lets you set triggers based on the actions. You can set the date and time so that the system will automatically send reminder emails to clients on that specific date. This way, you won’t miss any important dates. This will also showcase your professionalism towards clients, and also saves your time and effort.

Send warm gestures for better relation

Emails are not just for updates and reminders. You can send a warm gesture of a birthday wish or a festive greeting to your client automatically through the system. Agentcis CRM has the automation feature for sending emails on birthdays/ specific occasions once you set the date in the system. This will be a nice reminder for prospective or existing clients to maintain a better relationship.

Customize emails

Besides the pre-set reminder emails, you can also send emails by applying filters. Send emails by using pre-defined content for emails that are sent frequently to multiple contacts. For eg. checklist email, offer letter email, and so on. You can then customize the emails according to your need.

Send bulk emails

Save time with an option to send bulk emails from the Agentcis system to the clients. It can be used for sending group invoices for commission claiming. It lets you send quick notifications or alert mail in bulk to all your clients and inform them on time. However, on the client’s side, each and every client will receive an individual email.

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