How can Education Agents effectively guide parents?

Education is now a global thing and studying abroad is a crucial as well as a costly decision. In today’s world, a parent would definitely want their children to develop global skills and have world-class exposure. Every parent would want the best for their children. But how to get that best often doesn’t come easy. It’s vague, it’s a tough one to decide. So, the studying abroad decision becomes even more challenging for parents.

Not every parent knows where to begin. Not every parent will understand and agree upon sending their children miles away just to get a degree. Therefore, here you, as an education agent, come to the rescue for effectively guiding parents throughout the process of studying abroad and making them meet their children’s academic goals.

Common concerns that parents have about their children going overseas


It is natural for any parent to be concerned about their child’s safety. Will they be safe around new people and a new environment?  In this time of uncertainty due to pandemics and other global issues, every parent would think thrice regarding the safety concerns of their children. 

But the situation doesn’t always have to be what the parents have speculated in their minds. There are many countries that are friendlier, offer good social security, and are safe in terms of career as well. There are good universities around the globe offering a safe learning environment for global students. And this is your job to make parents understand and build confidence regarding the safety of their children. Not only that, but your responsibility also lies in helping parents find a safe and sound university as well as a country for the students.


Studying abroad is definitely a huge investment any parent can think of. But when it comes to a child’s career, parents are open to spending on their child and their future. However, investing in the right course and the right university is definitely a challenge.

So, in this case, education agents can help parents in the process of getting educational loans. Also, education agents can help in advising a better option for investing in the right course and university. Furthermore, education agents have tie-ups or partnerships with universities for scholarships and other financial waivers for students. Adding to it, there are countries that offer international students to work part-time and cover their living expenses. In that way too, education agents can guide parents to manage their finances. 

Is it worth it?

Parents always question whether it’s worth it to invest a bulk amount and send their child away for a degree. Well, it’s not just about a degree at the end. Definitely, a student can get a degree from his/ her own country. But international education is more about an experience of learning in a diverse environment, among a diverse cohort of students globally, and a challenging adventure in a different country. This gives students world-class exposure and global skillsets. But this is completely dependent on the kind of university and country. So, education agents can help in figuring out the course, university, and country that’s worth it for the investment.

How to get started?

Parents are confused on what are the steps in the process to get started with a study abroad program for my child. The question may arise how can I choose an appropriate program for my child’s interests, needs, and abilities. Or how do I know if my child will be accepted into a specific school or program overseas?

Role of Education agents’ to guide parents in the child study abroad process

You, as an education and migration consultant, can help parents understand the process better. You can help them alleviate their concerns. For that, you have a few roles to guide parents in the child study abroad process.

Being the experts in the education sector

Among multiple choices of colleges and universities, it is difficult to choose the right one for the child. So, an education agent should become a helping hand for the parent. A good overseas consultant should know what a student wants to get out of their studies. The agents should also have good partnerships with good universities and education providers of different countries. 

Like a good agent, your role is to assist parents as an expert in the education sector right from choosing the course, academic institute, overseas destination, and better understanding their child’s career. You can help in getting quick responses and make the process simpler and faster.

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Assisting with visa processing and enrollment

The major concerns of parents lie in how to begin the process and the financials required in the process. The visa application process is a tedious one as well. It requires a lot of documents to prepare and patience during document preparation, submitting applications, and receiving enrollment approvals. So, it is important to have a detailed discussion on the step-by-step process of visa processing. Being an overseas consultant, you need to help parents with student visas and help them prepare required documents. 

Preparing finances is an important step in visa processing. And, there are parents who are investing a huge portion out of their savings for their child’s best education abroad. So, have a healthy conversation about financial planning, settling loans, getting scholarships, or stable jobs with the parents before they finalize any decision.

Assisting with Job and Accommodation

Besides the application process, your responsibility also lies in helping parents figure out accommodation and jobs to support their child’s abroad stay. You need to know special school specials (affordably priced courses) or special times of the year when they offer courses at affordable rates. You need to know part-time job options so that the students can support their living while studying. Also, you need to be aware of safe accommodation options around the university and help clear out common misconceptions about study abroad programs.


For parents, sending children abroad for studies is a joyful and dreadful feeling at the same time. Your proper guidance can support them in getting the correct information and looking at the broader perspective. Hence it is important to keep in mind that your role is extremely important in helping a parent to bridge the gap between their child’s aspiration and their expectation.

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