How document checklist will increase application success rates?

Aspiring students come to an education and migration agency for their efficient assistance with visa application. Visa application success rate for international education is highly dependent on proper and genuine document submission before the given deadline. If not done so, it can directly lead to visa rejection. So, the students won’t afford to compromise on any sort of inefficiency and misinformation regarding the visa application process. 

Hence the responsibility lies on the visa application counsellor that he/she completes and submits every documentation for visa application efficiently and on time. Understanding this need, Agentcis CRM comes with an inbuilt “Document Checklist” feature. 

Would you believe if we say this feature can actually increase visa application success rate? Here are the reasons to prove it.

Know the document list

Every application process requires multiple documents from your clients. So, confusing the list of documents and missing any one of those can be a big risk. But, with Agentcis document checklist, you first create different document types to ensure education counsellors clearly understand which document to upload, such as a passport, academic transcript or driving license. This will help you prepare and know what all documents are necessary. You can easily view all the documents needed during the different stages of an application.

Application Success

Cannot proceed without mandatory documents

Missing on mandatory documents? Not anymore. With Agentcis CRM, you can make certain documents mandatory in your workflow. This will ensure the education counsellor does not miss a single document before progressing with the application.

Email reminder before a deadline approaches

It is already known that if a deadline for submitting the given document is missed, the result can be a visa rejection as well. Hence, an email reminder can help you save this nightmare. You can receive an automated email reminder to notify education counsellors when certain documents need to be uploaded in Agentcis.

Clients can directly upload documents

The additional benefit that the document checklist comes with is that it lets clients upload documents from their device through the client portal. This makes the process convenient to access in the Agentcis document system.

In conclusion, the document checklist feature makes sure you are ready with documents at every stage of the application process. When you complete the documentation process correctly and efficiently, the chances of errors in the visa application process decrease. Hence, it will ultimately benefit you to increase your application success rate.

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