How to digitize your Education & Migration Agency in 2021

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, many businesses had to adapt and digitize their processes through the latest innovations to reduce face-to-face interactions. Businesses that never adopted digital solutions faced hardships. How do you digitize your education and migration agency to ensure an easy transition?

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits to moving your agency digital in 2021. It is crucial education and migration agencies shift to online technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. However, many business owners are unaware of where and how to start moving their processes digitally. 

Here are the following ways to help your education & migration agency thrive in a digital environment and digitisation benefits. 

Set an efficient digitalization plan.

A digitalization plan is integral for outlining which process of your agency is going to be digitalized. By analysing which processes needs to be digitalized, you can begin researching the relevant software applications to suit your agency needs. 

You need to be aware of the apps and software available and their features and pricing. Additionally, research what your competitors are using and subsequently exploit the gaps you’ve identified. 

Once you have made a digitalization plan, consider the advantages and disadvantages you are likely to encounter. For example, you are interested in starting an email newsletter and adopted new software for your team. Long-term, it is an efficient way of handling your email newsletter. However, you may face short-term difficulty training staff on how to use this software. Remember to outline and consider your goals for digitalization to ensure it is achievable for your education and migration agency. 

Use Cloud-based Services 

Cloud-based services are the latest innovation that allows a company to access applications and other resources over the internet without installing software or resources in their internal infrastructure. For example, using CRM software such as Agentcis will modernise your business operations for your agency. 

The main advantage of using cloud-based services like Agentcis gives you the flexibility to connect your business anywhere, anytime, making it curial for the industry’s international aspect. 

Protecting your agency’s data is an integral part of business continuity planning. Whether you face a power crisis or an accidental incident, having your data stored in Agentcis ensures it is backed up and protected. Accessing your data no matter what happens allows you to conduct your business as usual. This minimises any downtime and loss of productivity.


Upskill your workforce 

The success of your business relies on your employees. They are the key source of ideas and the businesses’ largest asset. Consider implementing a number of either paid or free online training courses for your staff to embrace a digital environment change. The Agentcis Academy targets to support your knowledge of the Agentcis System that can be immediately applied in the companies that use Agentcis. Not only will this support team member’s technical skills, but it will make employees comfortable within the digital environment. 

Integrate collaboration tools

How you and your team collaborate is integral to digital transformation. Due to the pandemic, businesses need an adaptable approach for employees to work remotely to reduce face-to-face interactions. Without a CRM system like Agentcis, it would be impossible to ensure consistent connectivity and collaboration. Adopting Agentcis ensures your employees keep track of individual and team tasks, saving them time. Agentcis helps your team avoid losing work and essential information while managing their duties to ensure your employees stay on schedule and meet deadlines. 

Using Agentcis, your team will be able to collaborate seamlessly. Collaboration in a cloud environment gives your agency the flexibility to communicate and share easily outside traditional methods. If you are working on a project across different locations, you could use Agentcis to give your employees, sub-agents and super-agents access to the same files. 


Many business owners understand the benefits digitalization offers, but implementing and managing new technologies while still keeping their current network operational and stable, poses a huge challenge. Adopting cloud-based services like Agentcis ensures your agency is productive and help you modernise your business.

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