How to effectively reach out to prospective clients in the education industry?

Every business needs marketing and so does the education and migration industry.  If you are an education and migration agent, you are competing with other agents out there to lure prospective students aspiring to study abroad. You have the best counselors with you, you have good connections with the education providers, you have adequate knowledge of the process, career prospects, and destination countries. Your staff and faculty want every student to succeed, you have diversity in the programs you provide, and you’re hoping to boost enrollment by highlighting some of these things. 

But will all these generate income directly to your business? You need to market it to the right audience and reach out to prospective clients. Even if you are only focusing on boasting how good you are, you are not focused on what your potential clients actually want.

Aspiring students out there know that they want to study abroad. But they don’t know how to start or why they should choose you to start with.

So, here are some of the ways to help you in reaching out to prospective clients in the education industry.

Understand your target market

The target market in the education and migration industry is global. But you need to figure out which specific target market you are focusing on to capture your prospective clients. Understand what kind of clients you want to cater to or can cater to. Understand the demographics, their lifestyle, and the potential areas where they possibly engage with. For instance, if you are licensed to counsel students for Australia and have good connections with Australian education providers, you need to understand which category of students will be interested to study in Australia. 

Reach out through social media to your prospective clients

Social media is huge and growing. Almost every student is active on social media. And not only the students, but parents of the prospective students are also present on social media. Your audience should know that you exist and know what you do. So, you can reach out to your target audience through social media. Also, it helps you build a community where you can engage your prospects for brand awareness and conversion. 

Generate leads from anywhere

Getting leads is not an easy task. But with the right approach, you can master this. You can run lead generation campaigns on your social media or run ads that would redirect to your website where you can obtain the leads. To make it easier for you, a CRM system like Agentcis allows you to create shareable and customizable lead forms. You can have quick access to lead forms where you can generate leads from everywhere. You can connect your CRM through your social media channels or whatever source. All the leads can be channelized in one single CRM platform. 

Utilising the power of Content Marketing to get more prospective clients

As mentioned earlier, you first need to know what your customer actually wants. So, when you understand this, you need to curate content keeping in mind what the clients are searching for, and market the content through different platforms and formats. For example, your prospective students can probably be searching for “How to get a scholarship to study in Australia?” You know you have the answer, right? So, keeping this in mind, you can create a blog mentioning the answers on your website or even create video content out of it on YouTube. This way, you can be found whenever they are searching for you. But remember, one is not enough, consistency is the key in content marketing.

Host events and webinars

Collaborating with education providers and partners, you can host physical events or webinars every now and then. This will attract the interest of the aspiring students as they want to know more about the prospects. By providing relevant information to the aspiring students and connecting them with the education providers, you gain their trust as well as get leads for converting them into prospects and ultimately clients.


Marketing to the right audience at the right time is how you can reach your potential clients. Be consistent and time-relevant on your move.

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