How to Empower your Consultants with CRM?

A skilled, effective of client consultants will expand your education and migration business by increasing your client base, serving them better. So, to make the most out of your business investment, it is crucial to equip them with the efficient technology to make their work even more organized, efficient, and quick. 

Hence, a CRM system like Agentcis built specifically for agency business management will empower your consultants to acquire more leads, manage clients and finances, and grow your business.

Making their work efficient

Centralize your international education agency’s data in one place. Track, control, and manage your clients, partnered colleges and sub agents to increase your scalability to get more customers. Upload documents with ease so you never misplace or lose information. Therefore, you can keep track of your tasks to increase work productivity.


Start growing your education and immigration consultancy by automating repetitive tasks. Get full financial control and judge your business’ performance with Agentcis all-in-one CRM software. Reduce the risk of human error by automating to improve efficiency. Because Agentcis is for Education Agents, we have created smart automation to suit your specific business process. Save time and money with date-based and action-based automation – for example, sending an SMS reminder to students when payment instalment is due. Plan for growth with an estimation of revenue.


With Agentcis Academy, the counsellors at every education and migration agency can get trained on Agentcis. This course will equip Education Counsellors working in Education and Migration agencies with technical skills and knowledge on Agentcis System. The course is free for all the agents who have purchased Agentcis. They can get in touch with our Sales & Support team to get the 100% discount coupon code. The course will go through every aspect of Agentcis system that is needed in the Counsellor role.

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