How to Get More Students Enrolled

Each year, hundreds of students apply for international education with big aspirations and hopes. Every year, these students search for the right place where they can get guidance and assistance for pursuing their careers abroad.  As there are a number of education and migration consultancies, the challenge is on rising. Being an education or migration agent, you have to be more targeted and proactive to get more students enrolled. 

Here are some of the tips to get more students enrolled.

Understand the needs and desires to get more students enrolled

Most of the time, you focus more on offering rather than actually understanding what they actually need. As an education consultant, it is your responsibility to advise the relevant course for your student, but it is equally important to first know the need and desires of the students. Making the decision can either make or break one’s career. During your initial conversation with your students, ask them about their career goals and what they aspire to be in the future. Know their previous educational background and skills. Your recommendations of courses must match their career objective. Check more about how you can handle the difficult clients here.

Use social media, email, and other online marketing tools to reach more prospective students

Digital marketing is probably one of the biggest weapons that we have been equipped with today. It allows us to penetrate into the market and provide the target audience with the right kind of information that they are looking for. Today’s students rely on their timelines for their news, motivation, research, and even opinions. The influence of this medium is so strong. Applying good social media strategies will ensure prospects to engage constantly with the schools.

Use face-to-face or phone conversations for in-depth discussions about potential enrolment

Once you get the lead, schedule a face-to-face interaction or a phone conversation to understand the student’s requirements better. Just submitting the initial assessment form does not provide an in-depth understanding of the student’s expectations and career goals. So, it is better to have an in-person communication or at least a phone conversation. Here, you can discuss their career expectations, their study destination, educational background, and of course the budget. It is very important to ask relevant questions to them so that you can get the relevant answers and have a fruitful counselling session.

Create a marketing campaign to get more students enrolled

Awareness campaign for marketing is good. But when it comes to conversion and student enrolment, it is better to target the niche. That means you don’t need to create a campaign every time for all the general audiences. You need to first understand who are the specific target groups of students. For instance, the specific target audience can be based on certain locations like major cities of major migrating countries, audience based on specific courses that your universities offer, specific age group based on the career prospects, and so on. When you understand these particular audiences, you can specifically curate your marketing campaign so that it can improve your conversion rate.

Evaluate your marketing plan every month to see how it’s working and make adjustments as needed.

The most important thing to remember here is that unless you stay relevant, you will not be able to achieve anything at all. Make sure that the information that you give out in any form of marketing is useful for your students and not just promotional in nature. Also, a marketing plan is not a blueprint for your conversion. There are many factors due to which the marketing plan can work and not work at different given times. So, in order to keep track of the progress and effectiveness of your marketing plan, you need to evaluate your every month and see how it’s working and make adjustments as needed.

So, it’s time for your education and migration agency to prepare well for the return of the international students in Australia. Check more details here.


Student enrollment is a challenging task. However, if you can manage to understand your potential students and their requirements, you will be able to meet those needs through your services. This will definitely be able to generate more leads and ultimately be able to get more and more enrollments.

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