How to work smarter, not harder with Agentcis

This is the age of efficiency for every business, or even education and migration business. 

When your consultants are dealing with your students/clients, can they have a smooth application process, clear finance, and timely updates? Or, do they have to struggle with inconsistent client data across multiple excel sheets, thick paper documents piled up whenever they are in need to search a file, miss important deadlines, and lose applications and commission?

In this fast-paced world of education and migration business, true productivity actually thrives when you make work easier for your team. “Work smarter, not harder” is all about maximizing your productivity without sacrificing your quality of work. You have it all covered with a CRM like Agentcis, created for education and migration agencies. 

Automate Business Functions

Whether sending an email to a student regarding upcoming updates or sending a festive greeting, automate your tasks through action-based/ time-based triggers in Agentcis.  You can automate your various tasks in the application stage. It ensures all important steps of the application are completed on time. Whenever a lead converts into a prospect, you can automate to create a new task for your counsellor using Agentcis’ CRM. 

Initially, it may sound tedious but it saves your time and money in the long run. Also, it reduces human error, increases efficiency, and also fosters relations with your prospects and clients.

Keep Clients Informed via Client Portal

Having a lot of clients is great. But failing to keep track of them and missing to update them on important updates can be a nightmare to an education agent. It can even lead to rejection of visa application and losing commission and income. Thus, keeping clients informed and well updated on recent status is important.

The client portal section is where clients can view their application status and upload documents relevant to their application. They can also edit their personal details including their PTE scores, as well as view email and SMS conversations between them and the counsellor.

Utilising a client portal in Agentcis can help work smarter, removing the need to manually update each client.

Generate Leads From Anywhere

You can have quick access to lead forms where you can generate leads from everywhere. You can connect your CRM through your social media channels or whatever source. All the leads can be channelized in one single CRM platform.

Additionally, not all leads can be approached in the same manner. Customize and modify fields in the lead form to suit your requirements. Once the lead submits the form, it will be automatically shown in the lead section in Agentcis.

Integrate Everything You Need

With Agentcis, you can have Zapier integration which lets you automate multiple tasks with a single trigger. You do not need to spend time copying and pasting the same message across different channels. You can save time through Zapier automation. For example, you can instantly send a message automatically to your new leads via SMS or email through Zapier integration.

Similarly, Agentcis CRM provides you with a platform to have all education providers and subagents in one place. By having this, whenever you need to attach offers given by an education provider to an application, you can do it with a click. Or, whenever you need to add commission sharing or income sharing with sub-agent on an invoice, you can do it right away.

Are you ready to work smarter with Agentcis?

To sum up, a CRM handles your tedious and repetitive tasks so that you can focus on things that matter. Increase your productivity and growth of your education and migration business through Agentcis.

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