Immigration Agencies: Agency System To Manage Partners & Products

Think about the amount of time it takes you to find the right information on partners or products of your Immigration Agencies. Anything more than a few minutes and you are probably not doing it the right way! So, how can you streamline your agency’s bulk data with ease and efficiency? The answer is Agency Management Software.

Most Immigration Agencies find it difficult to match partners with products or files and retrieve information in spreadsheets. Other issues include tracking emails and conversations or dealing with incomplete client details, which can delay commission payments from your agency partners.

Besides the speed, efficient management of immigration agency partners and their products is a great way to represent your business in the industry. Moreover, it improves the relationship with clients and attracts prospects. It will also increase your referrals and partner base. Here are five major benefits of using software to manage your Immigration Agencies’ partners and products:

Import or add partners detail and products information

Creating a reliable database is one of the best ways to run your Immigration Agencies. With hundreds of possible partners and even more products, managing information can be an ordeal, if not done systematically. Therefore, these features and benefits of solution will help you overcome this issue:

  • The partner manager dashboard arranges the information for your viewing and provides single-click access to all data.
  • The dashboard is neatly arranged and clearly visible for easy access and use.
  • It gives you the history and analytics of all partners and products.
  • You can store agreements and contracts made with each partner.
  • You can store all the partner and product details you need. Make sure to cross check with your agency partners if the information is accurate. These details should also include the commission rates each partner is offering to your agency, so you can invoice them accordingly.
  • Using a specific file format allows you to import existing partners and their product details.

Search and provide product information to clients instantly

Whether a client visits you personally or makes an online query, you should be able to reply quickly. Some queries may take longer to answer, but maintain a timeline of approximately 24-48 hours maximum. Here are some key benefits of agency management software in your Immigration Agencies:

  • As all information is stored on a cloud, you can access it from anywhere and anytime.
  • You can use mobile phones, laptops, desktops or any other device with internet connectivity to search and send information to your partners using cloud-based agency management software.
  • You can conduct searches from the dashboard or scroll the drop-down menus to find partners and their products.
  • The immigration agency management software system allows you to keep notes and memo on partners. Doing so for every interaction is highly recommended, since it creates a record with each partner, and any dispute arising in the future can be easily resolved.

Send emails, fix appointments, and track client application process

Searching for email addresses and keeping track of your outbox can be time-consuming and frustrating! There are much easier and faster ways to do the same thing. Your Immigration Agencies  can enjoy these features with agency management software:

  • You can send prompt emails to your leads, prospects, clients and partners from the same system, without having to access another platform or go anywhere else.
  • You can keep track of your emails and history, all in one place.
  • The email system allows you to attach files in various standard formats and even choose your own templates.
  • Your agency can set appointments and date triggers for clients and partners, invite other users to the system, and receive notifications when the meetings are due.
  • The software will help you stay up-to-date with client applications and inform them of any status changes promptly.

Manage commission invoices with ease and efficiency

Being paid on time is something every business wants and needs! A missing invoice or one not sent on time can delay commission payments by weeks or even months. Make your Immigration Agencies accounting practices more professional with these inbuilt features of agency management software:

  • Store client information accurately along with corresponding partner details and create invoices in a hassle-free way.
  • The invoicing system can create and customize invoices, as per your agency needs.
  • You can set system triggers for each stage of the invoicing cycle and receive timely follow-ups on invoices and commissions.
  • Your Immigration Agencies can keep track of where and when to send the invoices as well as updates on the payments received.
  • You can track the financial relationship between your clients and the partner institutions, for the purposes of improving Immigration Agencies operations or planning marketing strategies.

Store data safely and update in real time

Storing information in a secure and confidential manner gives assurance to partners about your Immigration Agencies’ true intentions. Data protection and real-time updates are not just popular, but a prerequisite for businesses these days, among other important things:

  • Cloud technology lets you go paperless and protect all data in its system. It means the information is stored in the internet, instead of your agency’s hard drive, thus keeping the data safe and accessible to users from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud technology helps you cut costs by eliminating the use of hardware. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model.
  • When your team can access, edit, share documents anytime and anywhere, they can make essential updates in real time, without having to wait until they get to the office.
  • With all-round accessibility, your agency can take faster and more precise decisions about the business. Decisions regarding day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

The migration industry is growing rapidly, creating amazing opportunities for agencies around the world. However, to seize them and make the most of it, you will need to upgrade your business processes using consultancy Management software at the same pace, if not faster!

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