Immigration Companies To Develop Business Value Proposition That Converts

With so many businesses vying for the same market, it has become imperative to differentiate yourself from the competition. Everyone’s services seem to be more or less the same. So, how can immigration companies set themselves apart and well enough for clients to notice with a business value proposition?

A business value proposition is one of the key ways to get their attention. Therefore, the proposition is a promise by immigration companies to the clients, giving them a good reason why they should purchase services offered. In addition, it talks about the benefits as well as how your services will resolve their issues.

Before acquiring immigration companies services, all clients will have one pertinent question in mind “Am I getting value for money?” Therefore, adding value to your business should not be an afterthought! We have put together six compelling steps to develop immigration companies business value proposition:

Get to know your clients

The first rule of any education or migration consultancy is to get to know your clients. You must know everything about them that is relevant to your business. Apart from demographics like age, gender, location, and habits, it is important to know other details like:

  • What do they see a problem/s in your industry? Get them to list out at least five. For example, cultural barriers or the possibility of facing financial difficulties could be an issue for many migrants.
  • Why do they think these issues exist? This will help you understand their mindset.
  • What improvements would they like to see? Moreover, the best solutions can come from the clients themselves.
  • How will these improvements help them?
  • What value do they see in these potential solutions?

Understand your agency services

Client surveys, to understand the target market, will give you enough hints to assess immigration companies and your services. It will provide good ideas about what is working and what is lacking. Get your team together by laying a foundation of a good immigration companies culture and find answers to these questions:

  • Make a list of your current agency services, along with all their details, including the price.
  • What is missing? Compare the agency services with your client surveys and find the missing links.
  • How does your service/s solve the problem clients are facing?
  • Does your service help them bridge the cultural gap or resolve financial difficulties?
  • If it does, find verifiable data and statistics to back up your claim.

Know your competitor immigration companies really well

The only way you can differentiate your services is by understanding what your competitors are doing. Thus, invest your agency’s time and effort in substantial research on competitors, their target market, and services on offer.

  • Who is their target market and is it the same as yours?
  • What services are immigration companies offering?
  • How do their services differ from other competitors in the industry?
  • Compare the “difference” with what is currently lacking in the market. Does it solve the problem/s clients are facing?
  • Is your immigration company service creating more value than what competitors are providing? If it does, you should be able to back it up with statistical data.

Create the business value proposition

Once you have sufficient data on the target market and your competitors’ services, it is time to pinpoint the issues and narrow them down. Take stock of all your research thus far and brainstorm ideas to create a business value proposition:

  • The business value proposition statement should not be vague or confusing and must be ten words or less. To make it accurate and impactful, take help from a professional copywriter. It can also become your agency’s tagline.
  • Your business value proposition should be able to answer these questions:
    • How does my agency’s service solve the client’s problem?
    • What benefits can the clients expect?
    • Why should the client buy my service over the competitors?
  • You can enhance your agency’s business value proposition by:
    • Helping clients settle away from home
    • Assisting with finding aids for clients’ financial woes and worries
    • Assisting clients to master the language and culture before going abroad

Test the business value proposition

While it is great to come up with something that sounds good, but before you apply it in your branding strategy, ask yourself “Are my messages believable?” A compelling message is important, but it must be believable and credible too.

  • Can you defend the statement? You must be able to own your immigration company statement and explain it well if anyone questions it.
  • Does it have an emotional touch?  Your prospects and clients have to be able to connect with your agency on an emotional level. So, it has to grab their attention as well as being memorable.
  • Is it flexible enough for the future? If the business value proposition limits your agency ambitions for growth and business expansion then your branding and marketing strategies will not work.

Spread the word in the right places

The business value proposition is a direct statement about the benefits and solutions you are offering to prospects and clients. It must be visible at all your agency touch-points. Now that you have chosen one for immigration companies, get the word out wisely and extensively!

  • Tagline: You have the option of using the value statement as your agency’s tagline. Some companies choose not to, but we suggest you do! Having it right next to the agency name or logo makes it highly memorable.
  • Website: The landing page of immigration companies website is one of your most prominent marketing tools online. Make sure the value statement appears as clearly as possible. With most visitors coming to the website, spreading the word will be much faster.
  • Social Media:  Apart from placing it next to your name or logo, social media allows for more creativity. You can create interesting adverts displaying your value statement and clarifying the message visually.
  • Other TouchPoints: Use the value statement in your physical spaces like the office or even on agency merchandise like mugs, coasters, and t-shirts. If you have a bigger budget, advertising in your neighborhood, malls, bus stops, and other public places will also help.

To create the most impactful business value proposition, ask yourself the same question as well “Why should I buy this service?” A powerful statement said in just a few words, there is no better way to understand immigration companies as well as engage the clients!

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