Interest for Postgraduate Programs Increasing in Emerging Markets

The interest for the postgraduate programs has been continuously increasing in the last few months. Recent higher education research shows the insights of the lasting shifts post-pandemic by tracking changes in student interest between 2018 and 2021. 

The growing interest in Master’s programs

The research reveals the growing interest in masters-level programs around the world in emerging markets. While students are more interested in master’s programs, the short courses, preparatory courses, and Ph.D. saw a decline. The decline case is similar for courses like mining, oil, and gas. However, in contrast to that, the growth in interest is seen in environmental economics & policy degree programs. This can be an indication of growing interest in sustainable development-related studies.

The research shows student preferences also grew toward cyber security, machine learning, digital marketing, digital communication, artificial intelligence, and UX design. That is to say, the digital platform is growing and students worldwide want to learn skills for the digital world. 

The decline in interest in the US and Australia as destinations

The research by Studyportals records the decline in interest in the US and Australia as destinations. However, it also shows that the interest in “online” and hybrid models of studying also grew after the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, Canada is replacing it as the most preferred destination in the world over Australia and the US. Margaret Cook, Studyportals senior vice president adds the US doesn’t provide work opportunities as Canada does which might be the reason for the decline in interest in studying in the US. Whereas, the prolonged travel restriction in Australia also led students to lose interest in applying to Australia. 

The research is based on real-time student interest collected on Studyportals websites from tens of millions of prospective international students looking for English taught programs.

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