International Education trends for 2022 and beyond

2022 is here already. As countries are opening their borders for international students, this year is going to create a new milestone for the international education sector as well. 

Last year, with the pandemic taking its peak, students’ concerns around cost and safety grew exponentially. They began to choose alternative destination countries and institutions and remained opposed to completing their entire international education online. Although the pandemic doesn’t seem to come to an end too early, 2022 will hopefully bring new education trends around the world.

Here we have enlisted a few education trends that 2022 is going to bring. 

1. International enrollments will boom again

As previously mentioned, the peak of the pandemic led to witness a massive drop in international students enrollment worldwide. However, countries like Australia, which was completely shut till December 2021, opened their borders for international students. Similarly, other countries are also loosening their strict measures for enrolling international students. Students are also preparing themselves with vaccinations and quarantine measures to return for on-campus study and get the abroad university experience. So, we expect to see international students’ mobility rise back once again.

2. Learning and teaching ways will change

While the earlier education module was focused completely on in-campus learning, the pandemic changed the way we teach and learn drastically. 

Firstly, the need for lifelong learning will grow and will not be limited to the predefined age criteria of attending the university. A working adult may also intend to pursue their degree and skillsets while taking care of their child. So the barrier of age criteria will slowly diminish and universities will also offer flexible teaching ways in accordance with the changing times.

Secondly, the pandemic forced everyone to adapt to hybrid learning ways and this momentum will continue. 

Finally, artificial intelligence is taking its peak which will surely redefine the ways of teaching as well. For instance, it can automate the grading system and take tests, and the enrollment system may be automated. 

3. Collaborations between job and education industry will rise

The job industry and educational institution partnership have their own merits. In this ever-changing world, universities will look for providing an experiential learning environment to their students. So, this will encourage universities to tie up more partnerships with the job industry. Also, more and more universities will encourage their students to involve in entrepreneurship efforts and act as incubation hubs, backed by industry. On the other hand, the collaborations also give the industry a look into the upcoming big opportunity in the job talents. This will also benefit society to get a skilled workforce that can bring a positive impact on the economy. So, the year 2022 will see more collaborations between academia and industry working together. This will ultimately help explore major industry challenges and research gaps and will also help in finding solutions.

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4. Campus Diversity Will Become More Important Than Ever

Although the universities are more accessible and open to a hybrid learning model, diversity in the campus will be a core focus. It is because the diversity in the campus brings more opportunities for students to gain more exposure to a diverse culture. It will give chances for students to interact with people from multiple backgrounds, and all-in-all enrich their learning experience. Countries like Australia, whose one of the major revenue streams is the international education industry, are also strategizing their international education plan focusing on diversifying students’ intake. This will not only enrich the learning experience but also help in the sustainable stream of income from diversified sources. Besides, diversifying student intake has other benefits as well. Establishing international student pipelines from diverse countries can mitigate the risk for institutions and governments. So, in the year 2022, campus diversity will become more important than ever.


The year 2022 will be surely a year of change for everyone. The higher education landscape will evolve dramatically, and students must remain abreast so they can evolve as per future trends.

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