Seven benefits of Managing International Leads Recruitment using Education Agent CRM

An education agent deals with tons of international leads on a daily basis, as they provide assistance with visas, institution application, living arrangements and also in finding the right university, college, and school.

The international leads that you deal with are bound to be different from one another. The process stage, preferred school or college, residing area and the home country of students can be different from one another. Similarly, what students want from you or what kind of service do they seek from you can also vary immensely.

Considering the difference between all, a proper way of gathering and recording the information and data of each international leads are fundamental. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the students are your prospective customers. So, it is essential to provide the required information and service.

Client relationship management (CRM) software are designed to overcome this issue. With the help of this software, data of international leads are systematically and adequately managed.

Seven benefits of using Education Agent CRM to manage international leads recruitment are explained below:-

Assists in lead generation

CRM software helps in lead generation by sending the web form on different social media to international students. You can also keep this web form on your website. 

The system presents you a link which you can share on different platforms and generate a lead or say, possible clients. Interested international students can open this online form and fill it.

Some education consultancy management software offers you an option which enables you to customize the interested service of the possible clients, and you can send a similar quotation looking at it.

Quotation refers to information that you provide about course plus tuition fees offered by different universities, institutions, college,etc., courses offered by them and applying process. This aids in attracting a different type of international leads with their distinct need.

Giving useless or unnecessary information to your leads and prospects can be dreadful. This feature helps to deal with that issue.

For instance, Laura, filled up your consultancy online form and she showed her interest in pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from any University in Sydney. Now, you know her interest is in doing MBA, and she can afford it. So, you can send her the quotation listing of the best Universities in Sydney.

Thus, this quotation makes it easier for international leads to make their decision. Also, now students can depend on the service provided by you.

Makes instant response possible

International students can message or contact education agent at any time with their inquiries. In order to convert international leads into customers, a quick response is necessary.

Your possible customers,  students have a lot of choices and can shift to your competitor at any given time. So, it is crucial to give an instant response to international students.

With the help of education agent CRM, you will be notified instantly as soon as a student tries to reach you. After that, you can send a response to them from any place. All you will need is an electronic device and connection to the internet.

Sending response to your possible customers is much easier and faster than ever with the help of technology.

Workflow Management

Workflow is a step-by-step process followed. Similarly, international leads recruitment is a step-by-step process.

Education agent should be able to track the gradual progress of every student that they deal with. But keeping track of all of them can be hard.

Your client or any international leads have to follow these four basic steps for a visa; application processing, offer letter, visa application, and visa approval. Now let’s say your client has currently finished application processing and is staying still.

As an education consultancy, you should inform your client to start the next process, that is offer letter. You can demand any further documentation so required in this step. 

Many education agent CRM software has the feature to personalize workflows according to your need. This feature is not only handy, but it shows your agency’s unique service processes, leaving your customers satisfied and happy. You can create your business process and define the stages.

Your client can select different workflows like Australian Education, US Education, UK Education, and so on. This helps you in tracking students progress and also update them with their total progress in the workflow.

Client Application Activities

Dealing with hundreds and thousands of your client’s application can be laborious and time-consuming. You can have an application from thousands of international leads from past, present, and future.

Using CRM software enables you to pull out any data at any time of international students. No risk of data loss or mix and match is present.

Email notification

Many students and their parents depend upon education agents to manage all the process and application part, so, it is crucial to track their progress, inform them and assist them in taking the next step.

Education agent CRM enables you to track each client’s application activity, visa processing, and application activity details. Similarly, different appointments, documents, and the task of your consultancy.

It has a feature of email notifications which helps you remind the deadlines and manage the work of all your leads as per your necessity. Modifiable timely email notification is beneficial in keeping check of all the activities and processing to be done. 

Database management

Education agent has to keep data of all clients, partner, and products; creating a massive database. But collection and management of data can be harsh.

Education agent CRM collects data from different communication medium such as the company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials and social media. This can enable you to find data on any international students, quickly without any hassle.

The database from such CRM software is accurate and helps in determining what information and service your client want and expects from you. When your clients are provided with their required information and service, they prefer your education agent than others, making you stand out from the crowd.

Tracking of financial data

Education consultancy management CRM helps in keeping track of all your financial data. There are different CRM-software which provides you with financial and accounting assistance with its integrated database and email notification.

You don’t need extra human resources with knowledge of accounting and finance; CRM software can manage all of your financial data. The user doesn’t specifically require accounting or financial training and course to use such type of software.

This makes it possible to track all invoices from your clients, partners, referrals, and sub-agents, and commission tracking. You can quickly figure out how much your client has paid and how much is left to pay.

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