Efficient Online Client Management Software For International Student Agency

You only get, as they say, one chance to make the first impression. Nowhere does this proverb sit so well than in the context of international student agency.

Because in this international student agency business, the second chance to create the first impression goes to your nearest competitor.

If you want prospective international students to sign up for your student agency service, you want them to have the impression that their application would be in the right hands. That is, in the hands of professional international student agency. Using client management software always helps.

Making such a winning impression becomes so much simpler when you use Agentcis, an online client management software that ensures quick and effective service delivery.

Agentcis, an Online Client Service Software for Education Agency, can make clients dealings breathtakingly fast!

All Agents are tensely aware that they are operating with a very slim margin for error. If your clients so much as smell any imperfection in your dealings, they’ll just fly away.

What’s worse. Dozens of other prospects who would have sought your agency out on their advice will not even make it to your office’s doorstep.

Using Agentcis, an online client management software, your counselors can dish out every required and relevant details on programs and universities not in minutes, but seconds!

It allows you to build a detailed Profile of each one of the Partner Institutions you are working with.

In the Partner’s Profile section you can feed information on Programs and Courses. Similarly, for the Branches in which they are available, the University Departments that handle them, the Deadlines for Applications and the People you need to Contact for specific courses and programs.

This information can be accessed easily and quickly by international student agency while dealing with students.

The first thing your clients generally ask for is information on courses.

You can use the general search field on the platform’s top right. Or you can go to the “Partner Institution” section to carry out searches for specialized Courses.

You’ll find courses details displayed on your screen in a snap of your fingers.

In addition, you can also make the most out of our Partners’ Profile section. You can use two other features: Attachment and Notes.

“Attachment” is where you can save lots of other relevant documents such as brochures, prospectus, application forms. Any specific instructions from your Partners or your own observations on any particular course can be recorded in the “Notes” section.

International student management software is widely used by student agency online.

Last but not the least, you can set reminders for your “Appointments”. This ensures that you can have meetings with the officials at your Partner Institutions to have a discussion on any specific issue or any application.

Need we say more about why Agentcis is the best Online Client Management Software for your international student agency?

Let us sum up this blog for you. International student agency can make a winning first impression on your clients. You can do so by giving them exact information, along with several options, without taking too much of their time.

In short, this online client management software helps you become more PROFESSIONAL than you already are!

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