Learn The Simplest Way To Get More Done For Education & Migration Agents

Time is money, especially for businesses. Making the most of your time can be challenging when you have to juggle multiple tasks. Education & Migration Agents need to learn the simplest way to get more done with their time.

As an education and migration agency, you are responsible for providing support, advice, and legal help to clients who want to come to study, work, or travel abroad. All these responsibilities demand timely action, strict deadlines, and constant communication as these directly relate to your business commission. 

This blog will walk you through 6 simple tips for managing your day-to-day tasks to increase productivity.

Learn The Simplest Way To Get More Done For Education & Migration Agents

1. Track your time, then learn how to prioritize tasks effectively

You often tend to spend a significant amount of time knowingly or unknowingly on the things that actually do not add to any productive outcome. Track and know exactly how much time you spend on daily tasks, including emails, calls, documentation, and apps. And then, try to limit how much time you’re spending on tasks. Set the same goal and ask yourself if you can achieve that in less time. When you know what you are actually doing and how much time it consumes, you can prioritize your tasks accordingly. 

2. Make a task list and stick to them

Attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity. Always make a task list and plan your day. Set a self-imposed deadline so that you can stick to your to-do list as planned.

CRM systems like Agentcis can help you plan your day. You can know what’s on your plate today through your dashboard that displays “my tasks for today”.

3. Update and prioritize your task list daily

Having so many things to do in so little time is a challenge for everyone. The solution is none but prioritizing which task to complete first. Identifying the most important tasks to finish first will save you from being confused when everybody asks you to complete their task first.

For you to make it a bit easier, Agentcis has the feature in which you can block time on your calendar for high-priority tasks. You can also sort your to-do list on the basis of the priority set. It displays what’s due today, what’s due for the week, and so on. 

4. Make better use of technology to save time and reduce paper clutter

Technology is meant to facilitate our lives and make us more productive. When you have automated technology in your hands, why take the hassle of paperwork?

In a CRM system like Agentcis, you can document all your records in the system itself and update the application stage in the system itself. This helps to reduce the paper clutter and also everyone in the team can know what’s happening and where their role will be.

Additionally, with Agentcis Mobile App, you can create tasks on the go and access them from anywhere. You will also get push notifications from your device.

5. Seek out opportunities for delegation, especially when you’re overbooked or overwhelmed

Setting self-imposed pressure and sticking to strict deadlines can make you productive. But at times, it can be overwhelming as well. Do not hesitate to seek out opportunities for delegation whenever you feel you are overbooked or overwhelmed. This however does not mean to assign every other task to your colleague. But, you need to be proactive to manage your interruptions and take time for yourself.  

In the Agentcis system, whenever you add a task, you can also add “assignee” and “followers”. The assignee is the one who will complete the task and the follower will get notified of any update happening in the task. This way, you can seek delegation whenever required. 

6. Practice “lifestyle design” by creating habits that promote productivity & relaxation after work 

Research shows that using work time to exercise can improve your productivity. Set aside time to take regular intervals in your work. Have a habit of 90-minute intervals so that it can promote productivity and at the same time get you some time for relaxation as well. 

To Sum Up

Do you find these tips useful to incorporate into your work schedule? By following these tips, Education Agents can help better manage your tasks to increase your productivity, Stay tuned with us for more industry tips and updates by signing up for our newsletter.

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