Manage your Workflow with Agentcis

The education and migration business is dynamic as well as challenging. Having to deal with multiple clients, agents, and partners, and managing the operation is not an easy task. Education and migration agencies might have workflow processes for handling client applications, receiving and submitting invoices, or connecting with new clients and prospects. Getting CRM software is an ideal choice, because it can help you manage your workflow. 

Agentcis CRM software is an undeniable management asset to help you successfully manage your education & migration agency operations. With Agentcis, you can create custom predefined stages of your services as a workflow to ensure your business operations run smoothly and on track.

In this blog, you will learn about how Agentcis can help you manage your workflow.

Comes with Multiple Service Workflow

Agentcis knows well that different services offered by your Education & Migration agency will not follow the same process. So, it allows you to create multiple workflows within the system to match the process of service.

One of the key features of Agentcis is that working with it is very easy. So to create your own workflow you have to follow the following simple steps:

a.  Click on the settings button that is on the top right of your computer screen.

b. A drop-down menu of organization settings appears

c. Then scroll down until you see the option of “Workflow” and click on it

d. A workflow list page will be visible on your computer

e. Find Add option on the right side and click on it to create your workflow

Manage your workflow with Agentcis


Keeps you organized

Handling multiple tasks in an education migration agency is always a challenge. You can easily take various actions in the service workflow to maximize your productivity. Whether it be sending emails, creating tasks, uploading documents, or making notes, you can do it all on the same page. Additionally, you can also add the start & end date, the client ID, and an application intake field for each workflow stage.

Never lets you miss anything important

Most of the time, counselors forget to upload important documents while processing for action. 

So, Agencies come with mandatory fields like adding notes or documents. This way, your counselor can get all the important information and your team will not miss out on anything crucial. A better workflow will only be achieved when you know don’t miss any steps. Because it will ensure that your tasks are complete properly. Thus Agnetcis will make sure that 

Let’s you customize stages

Agencies has the option of adding only up to 20 stages in your workflow. This way, you can ensure that your lengthy processes are also completed in a systematic manner. When everyone on the team goes through a well-tested process and stages, there are chances of fewer errors. You can also minimize delays and duplications in the work. 

Final words

A better workflow is all about never missing any important tasks, all your team members getting tasks well assigned, being able to oversee all operations for analysis and report, and overall assuring quality service in delivery. Agentcis is an all-in-one workspace to cater to your business’s different services. Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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