Managing Key Stakeholders of an Education Agency

The success of an education agency business is predominantly determined by the relationship among its key stakeholders. An education agency has to deal with clients, partners, agents, and its own team members. These are the key stakeholders and have different roles and influences on the agency. 

Why is managing these stakeholders important for education agencies?

1. Clients 

An education agent deals with tons of international students to provide assistance. This includes assistance with visas, institution application, and also in finding the right course for them. There is no doubt that client acquisition is important for the education agency business. After all, clients are the reasons for your business to run and sustain. 

To be successful, they must be efficient and effective throughout the student recruitment lifecycle. So, your education agency must consider the changing needs of today’s students. This is where Agentcis can assist you efficiently, an Education Agent CRM.

2. Partners

One of the crucial stakeholders of an education agency is also its partners. A successful business partnership is one that is progressive and profitable for both parties. The partners can be institutions or universities. The agency acts as a bridge between their partners and clients. 

If you wish to make your business partnership successful, you can have the best system for partner relationship management.

With Agentcis, create a reliable database by importing partner details and product information. Any time a new partner, product, or branch office comes along, you can add them easily. Likewise, it helps users to connect with the partners without a hassle. Also, you can review how your partners are performing.

3. Agents (Sub-agents/ super-agents)

Sub-agents and referrers are the biggest sources of income for education as well as a migration agency. They bring in clients who are interested in acquiring your service.

Agentcis has created an entire section dedicated to managing referrers and sub-agents. With Agentcis, you can share their income and financial details with these outside agents. This can be done with just a click where your invoices will be pre-made by the system. Moreover, it enables them to continuously track and monitor the entire process a referrer is performing.

4. Team Members 

An efficient team is a key to agency productivity. So, the relationship with your team members plays a vital role in your business’ success. Rather than showering your team members with an ever-increasing workload, you can manage their tasks systematically. The more you can keep them motivated and organized, the more you have a positive growth graph.

Here, a CRM like Agentcis can work as a task management system to assign the tasks. You can set the deadlines and notifications so that no important tasks are missed. Also, it can help a lot to organize the data of the clients to make the workflow smoother.


In short, Agentcis is all-in-all a complete package that lets you manage the key stakeholders of your education agency. Find out for yourself by signing up for Agentcis 14 Days Free Trial.

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