Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your Education Consultancy

Growing your education consultancy and keeping the income coming in is not always easy. Many businesses jump into random marketing with no proper strategy, measuring KPIs, and goals. Hence, they end up spending all their budget in vain and have no expected turnover as well. For this reason, you need to have Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your Education Consultancy.

This is not what you want for your education agency business either, right? No to worry, we are here for you.

First, let’s get into the idea of what “marketing campaign” actually means.

A marketing campaign is an organized course of activities carried out by a brand or company over a period of time to promote and sell a product or service. This means it has to be time-sensitive depending on your campaign plan. It should be measurable. Because if you don’t analyze its performance based on relevant metrics, you will never know what works for you and what does not. It has to be original and of course, keep your target audience’s needs in the center.

Investing in a well-curated marketing campaign can lure you good clients and drive business revenues. 

Thus, now that you have set your relevant business goals, let’s dig into five marketing campaign ideas that you can apply to your education agency right away.

Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your Education Consultancy

Kill it on social media

The first rule of marketing is you market it wherever your audience is. Now, this is relevant in today’s era also. Today is the world of digital media. People are hooked on social media channels. Additionally, the younger audience, especially those seeking higher education are highly active on digital platforms. Put these content ideas to work and grow your digital channels. Be it social media, emails, google, or anything else, you need to embrace digital channels if you want to convey your message to the right audience. Be found on every digital channel whenever they are searching for you.

Referral program

Word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing campaign ideas for your education consultancy. Leverage this benefit through referral programs where you also give some incentives to your referrers. Promote your services through your satisfied client. And in return, offer them discounts, free courses, and waivers. Enticing them with freebies and discounts will help you expand your customer base. This referral program can be a long-term marketing campaign. You can also take this campaign a step further by partnering with other agents and businesses. This way, you can leverage a huge reach and clients through referrals.

Marketing Campaign Ideas for your Education Consultancy

Embrace video marketing

Videos are on rising. Whether it’s for traditional marketing or promoting on online platforms, videos are always engaging and can talk about your business better than anything else. Invest a good amount in videos. Videos do not have to be a TVC always. Although an introductory video that carries your vision, services, and USPs is a must. You can promote that as your major content via social media channels and even on traditional media such as TV, LED boards, events, etc. Besides, there are many other types of videos you should be creating and promoting. Testimonial videos, interaction videos with university representatives, series of “how to” videos (eg. how to apply for a US student visa), informative videos with counselors, snippet interesting videos for TikTok or YouTube shorts, and whatnot.

Market through the right influencers

Influencer marketing is not a new thing in today’s day and age. However, most brands still fail to connect with the right influencers who then can connect your audience to you. Get connected to educational experts, renowned teachers, opinion makers, and similar like-minded individuals. But consider choosing someone that’s within your budget and relevant to your potential customers. With their solid follower base on social media, your education consultancy can help grow your brand reach as well. 

Introduce a customer success campaign

You should never overlook the value of your happy clients. Ask your satisfied clients for customer reviews. Promote their positive feedback through social media or any other platform. Invest your effort in creating case studies and testimonials from your existing clients. This will help you in both ways. First; your existing clients will feel valued when you hear them. Second; you can win over your new clients through their positive reviews. Hence, customer success campaigns help you reach maintain better relationships with your clients. 

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A successful marketing campaign is one that helps you reach the right audience and deliver results according to your KPIs. And this is definitely not a one-time task, but rather a continuous effort of trial and error to understand your audience and understanding what works best for you. There can be numerous other marketing campaign ideas for your education consultancy that you can use. For inspiration, you can always refer to platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to name a few.

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