Handle Lead’s Queries Instantly for Education and Migration Agency

Education and migration agency is a breakneck pace business sector. The timely and prompt response can be an agency’s most significant competitive advantage over its competitors. So, Agentcis, a web-based application helps agencies to convert leads into clients by impressing them with instant response.

The quotations feature that this application provides agencies to create and forward quotations immediately to the leads. Quotations can be custom built as per the specific requirement of the agency. Based on the client’s choice of service, partners, and products, the agency can create and use quotation templates for efficient management of clients.

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With Agentcis, education and migration agency can send email throughout each stage of the application process. This will help the clients in knowing where their application process has reached and how the processing is going on. Similarly, the transparency of information assists in building a credible relationship with the clients.

Some of the major benefits of using the Quotations feature provided by Agentcis application are as follows:

Lightning fast response

Once a lead has filled your web form or has simply asked about your service you need to reply to them instantly. Hence, quotations help education and migration agency to acknowledge the presence of these leads with a lightning fast response. With customized quotations, agents are ready with brief information about their service. Moreover, your agency might have a lot of services to offer so; the quotations can be sent accordingly. Always remember that instantaneous feedback never fails to impress your clients.

Create Custom Quotations as per client requirement

It is very essential to reach out to leads once they are approved. So, what’s better than sending them quotations? Agentcis allows an agency to create custom Quotations and mail them to the clients through the system itself. All that an agency needs to do then is select the client’s preference of products and forward the estimates. Another highlight of this feature is that it allows agencies even to add discount offers to their custom quotations. This way there is no room for bargaining and the clients are fully aware of the costs of using the service.

Smooth and Reliable Lead

Reaching out to clients with a prompt response helps in creating a positive image for the agency. The promptness that the quotation feature provides will assist an agency in experiencing smooth and reliable lead conversion than they had ever done before.

Agentcis has so much more benefits to offer to your agency. From information storing to analytics to an organization, it gives you all. Find out more by signing up for a Free Trial where the Agentcis team will assist you with any problems faced.

We hope to make your education and migration agency work better and organized. Get Agentcis on board and grow your conversion.

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