Partner Relationship Management (PRM): Why is it important in Education & Migration Business?

Whether your education and migration agency business is small or large, having a good partner relationship management (PRM) practice can help you drive smarter decisions, boost conversions and scale your business networks to new levels. With Agentcis, you can maintain better relationships with your partners by managing all the information related to their products in one place.

What is Partner Relationship Management (PRM)?

Partner Relationship Management, popularly known as PRM, is a combination of software and processes companies use to streamline business processes with partners whose products they sell. In the education and migration business, these are often the external services you offer from universities, institutions, insurance companies, accommodation partners etc.

Tracking PRM can do wonders for your education and migration business. One of the best business management platforms for education and migration agencies is Agentcis. It combines CRM and PRM in one platform, improving your interactions with your clients, centralizing applications & documents, tracking results & client’s journey, and advancing collaborative communications.

Importance of tracking PRM in Education & Migration Business

View All the Partner’s Products

It is important to know which products are offered by the partner when consulting with clients. Agentcis’ has an extensive auto-synced partner databased filled with over 150,000 products from partners all over the world.

Track Applications

Working with several partners and clients can be a hassle, especially when done manually. With a CRM like Agentcis, all the clients’ applications are linked with the partner and their related products. In Agentcis’ Partner Profile, you can easily view which clients are in progress, completed, discontinued or enrolled for that partner. Furthermore, Agentcis also displays a yearly overview of the performance of that partner for your analysis.

Find Key Information About Partners

Keeping up with piles of documents and finding the important details when required is time-consuming and tedious. The good news is you can quickly get the contact information about your partners such as their address, branches, and contact numbers in your Agentcis CRM system. The system lets you find the key information whenever you need it. Furthermore, you can easily upload and store the documents related to partner or product in their specific profile.

Manage Contract Agreement 

Firstly, a good relationship begins with mutual trust and transparency. A missed payment or expenses can result in a mismanaged partner relationship. Agentcis allows you to add partner contract expiry date. Through this, you can get notified before it expires and you will never have to miss a deal or commission.  


To reach out to new clients, Agentcis’ system allows you to add promotions. offered by partners to their products. Thus, stay informed of any active promotions while counselling customers with Agentcis. To see promotions simply add the promotion in the Partner Profile under the ‘Promotion’ tab


Overall, having a strong partner relationship management software like Agentcis strengthens your agency brand and leverage a good business through your partners. So, try it out free for 14 days.

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