Positivism is the Need of The Hour Presently

The present scenario brings forward a serious challenge in front of the world to remain positive. Maintaining positivism is really crucial for our better immune system and well-being. And it’s hard to remain optimistic due to social distancing, continuously listening to news about COVID-19, possible loss of income, etc. It requires continuous mindfulness and conscious effort. Several studies have shown a possible correlation between optimism and overall health. Thus, taking care of our mood swings becomes important these days. Remaining calm and constructive during these times can assist us to navigate through difficulties. Let’s look at some of the ways through which we can maintain a positive outlook. 

Practice Gratefulness

Life might seem to be bleak but there are still things for which we can be grateful to the Almighty. Identify both significant and small things daily in your life for which you can feel thankful. Some of the important things can include your health, home & shelter, your family, your friends and your ability to eat something throughout the day even during these tough times. There are still a lot of people in the world who cannot afford to have 2 meals in a day. 

Start Your Day With a Positivism

The first thought of the day sets the mood for the entire day. That’s why morning routines become even more crucial during these unprecedented times. Please stay away from your phone early in the morning to avoid hearing any news as you wake up and are still in bed. Take a few minutes to enjoy yourself and the beautiful nature. Maybe go out in the balcony, enjoy the chirping of birds and take in some fresh air present in the atmosphere. It can also be great if you can indulge in meditation for a few minutes. 


Slow Down

Avoid making any conclusions about anything you listen to from your family and friends. Social isolation has come up with a key advantage of pacing yourself and letting go off all your worries. Try to increase your awareness through continuous knowledge. One can easily do this by staying as much in the present as possible. Decrease the volume of your thoughts so that you can listen to your inner voice.


Exercise should definitely become a part of our day-to-day routine, especially now when we can spare some time and give to our body. There are a lot of exercises which you can continue doing at home and still stay fit by burning enough calories. A lot of the credit goes to the fitness experts who keep on posting new ways of performing exercises on social media these days. Start following some relevant YouTube and social media channels and groups on home fitness routine. In addition to the physical benefits, exercising releases endorphins in your body. This can trigger positive feelings.

Home Exercises

Create & nurture your digital community. 

It should be pretty clear that social distancing should not be misinterpreted in a wrong fashion. We need to stay in touch with our family and friends through digital platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. All of us should feel thankful that we are living in an industrialized world with enhanced technologies. We can easily make video calls from anywhere, attend virtual parties and concerts. Not only this, we can start reconnecting with some of our old friends. Be sure that our friends and family are suffering from similar anxiety levels as us. So, try to contribute by keeping positivism in all the conversations. 

Incorporate humour and laughter into your day. 

Laughter is also considered to be the best medicine in the world for most of the health problems according to the doctors. There are definitely some short-term and long-term benefits of laughter on our mind and body. It has got several benefits including lowering your stress levels, improving your blood circulation and strengthening your immune system.


It is really amazing to witness how rapidly everything has changed around us and how quickly we all have adapted to the new environment. All the education and migration consultants have started working from home. But, updated technology and efficient CRM software such as Agentcis have made sure that your work doesn’t get hampered. As humans, we are all given the ability to evolve from new experiences and make the most of them.

This is a challenging time for everyone around the world and even when we thought that things couldn’t get better, mother nature has left us in awe of its wonders. Everywhere nature is regenerating itself. Venice hasn’t seen clearer water in decades. Pollution levels across the globe have dropped down and the ozone layer is replenishing. Different species of birds are returning to places they considered their original habitat. Imagine seeing these places in all their glory once everything settles down. So, hold on tight for the right time to come and continue with positivism as better days are coming and you will be a part of it.

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