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International education and overseas planning are big decisions. Hence, every client expects that his or her education and migration consultant will offer the best solution for a fruitful career in the future. Also, most clients simply trust the agency because of its efficiency in paperwork and better connection with international universities. An important point here is that, though their destination is the same, every client is different, and so are their preferences. For this reason, every client requires personalized counseling.

Thus, if you are in the education and migration business, it’s your responsibility to understand the client’s preferences and offer them personalized counseling services. 

Agentcis CRM has an amazing feature, “Interested Services”, that lets you know exactly what your leads or prospects want.

Personalized Counseling

How “Interested Services” in Agentcis helps

1. Understand your potential clients better

As a counselor, you have the big responsibility of understanding every client’s needs and preferences. When there are hundreds of leads, keeping track of every one of them becomes a nightmare. Similarly, maintaining a record of the services they are interested in is another hassle. However, with Agentcis CRM, you can add the interested services. Thus, just by looking at the potential client’s profile, your team can easily identify what they are searching for and sell the service accordingly.

2. Convert Interested Services into an Application

When you follow up with your leads based on their “interested services,” chances are high that you can start the conversation and personalize your counseling according to their interests. Thus, following up with interested services ensures you don’t miss out on any missed opportunities to convert leads into clients.

3. Reduce client turnover

Turnovers can be the result of an unmanaged counseling practice. Clients lose interest when they don’t get the answers to what they are actually looking for. Because in the end, they are not keen on knowing everything you do as a business. So as a counselor, if you keep on pitching all the services, your clients won’t be interested in applying. Hence, “Interested Services” ensures you deliver the best counseling by knowing what the customer wants, and minimizing customer turnover.

4. Better guidance and analysis for your team

By comparing the list of “interested services”, you can have an analysis of what the popular services are. So, it gives you and your team members an idea about the future interests of your lead. And you can corresponding act accordingly during a consultation. It will also help you create future service plans in advance for your clients so that you can consult suitably.

Try Agentcis CRM for free and know how it can turn out to be the best CRM system for acquiring clients, managing operations, and growing your agency business.

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