Quick Ways to Improve the SEO for Your Education Agency

Every day, thousands of people search for education and migration services online. The question is, is your agency really visible to all those searches who could possibly be your potential customers?

Ranking on the top search engine result page (SERP) is not that easy. As the competition increases, the chances of landing on the first page of SERP decrease. And research shows that 3/4 of people never view the search results that are not available on the first page. 

The challenge here is, to stay in the business, you need to attract traffic and be seen by those searching for your services online. So, you cannot afford not to rank on any page other than the first page. Thus, implementing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is what you need. SEO is not something that you apply today and works forever. It is a continuous process to optimize your search results.

Here are some quick ways to improve the SEO for your education and migration agency.


1. Identify keywords and search intent

Your content should always answer the searcher’s questions. You need to pick the right keywords to drive traffic from the right audience to your website. For this, you need to think from a client’s perspective. What could possibly their queries be? Analyzing the search intent is key to your strategy. Once you know what your prospects are looking for, how the information should be displayed must be your top priority. Keywords can be short-tail such as  “university Australia”, and “online PTE classes” which are more competitive, or long-tail such as “best post-graduate courses in Australia” which are less competitive and reach truly interested audiences.


2. Craft your content strategy

If you have figured out the search intent, your responsibility now is to select and work on the content. After all, content is king. Focus on creating high-quality content for your website. Also, create regular blogs that are relevant to your services. This will keep your audience engaged as well and also help you rank higher on the SERP. 

3. Make link building a priority

In order to improve search engine ranking, links play an important role. Use relevant internal and external links properly. Internal links help your audience to click the highlighted anchor text and will redirect them to other pages of your website. This way, they will spend more time on your website improving your website dwell time. Similarly, external links redirect your audience to the pages outside your web domain. You can build such links for additional information or references to other pages such as government websites, reputable news sources, research reports, and such.

4. Improve your website experience

There are a few metrics of your website that you need to be mindful of for a better website experience. The first is reducing the bounce rate. It’s the number of people who left your website after viewing a single page without taking any further action. The second is the dwell time. It is the length of time your audience stayed on your site. The longer the dwell time, the better. The third thing to improve is your website’s loading speed. You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool to assess your success regarding this SEO factor. Finally, regularly monitor and fix the broken links. You can use Dead Link Checker to check your entire site or certain pages for broken links.

5. Opt for Local SEO

If a prospect is looking for education and migration services in a certain location, you want to make sure they come across yours. So, to achieve that, you need to opt for local SEO. Make sure to include location-specific keywords on your website. Also, optimize your Google Maps listing which will help your audience find you easily.

To improve the SEO for your education and migration agency, you can use the aforementioned ways. But there are other things that you can do under SEO improvement too. If you want, you can do some extra research under SEO. You can look for courses that specialize in SEO.

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