Selecting the Best SaaS for your Company

Saas stands for Software as a Service. It is a tool used by many individuals and users to use cloud-based applications online.  In today’s world business activities are being more and more complex. It is because they are expanding and growing at a fast pace. The rise of such a phenomenon leads to an accelerated demand for services. Thus the role of tools like Saas comes as an advantage to various businesses.

The next question is what falls under Saas. All the tools like an online calendar, notes, organizing tools, email services, and office fall under the. Knowing this we can understand that Saas has almost become an indispensable part of offices. It is because every organization uses these tools almost every day. Even at Agentcis, we have to depend on some Saas to administer our office tasks.

Undoubtedly, Saas tools do have a principal role in offices. But we have to understand that not all Saas is good for everything. Today we will guide you on a way through to selecting the best Saas for your company. Here are the things you have to consider before having a Saas for your office:

Performance and Reliability

The first and foremost thing we want you to look for in a Saas is its performance. It is because directly your business performance will get affected by the Saas you use. You never want any of your systems to have any downtime. This can cause inefficient business processing and even sometimes causes business loss.

Most SaaS do mention their performance and availability in their SLA. A service Level Agreement (SLA) is the contract between a service provider and its customer which has all the terms related to its performance. So we request everyone to go through it once to have clear ideas of the performance. Also, it is necessary to see if there had been any unusual assurance in the performance of the tool.



When working with any cloud-based software every company must be wary of security risks. So one must consider security as a critical part of using any Saas. In many ways, Saas tools are vulnerable to security issues. One such instance can be the email service provided. Most email users from Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook might have received hundreds of spam emails. According to spamlaws.com; spam email makes up 45% of all emails sent.

Besides spam messages, hacking attempts, malware intervention, and data breaches are some of the issues that might come forward. So in this case anyone opting for any Saas must understand the risks and ensure that there will be no instances in the future.


Obviously, most Saas will ensure their security. But as a user, we must ask them about the data security posture of their application. As a Saas Agentcis ensures security through its AWS security services. Alongside this, one must also ensure about any plans they have in case of a data breach.

Legal Compliance

Like security, most Saas can simply say that their system is legally compliant. Legal requirements are very necessary as some compliance is mandated by state law. Users must verify legal compliance. In order to see if the legal compliance is fulfilled or not users can look at in terms and conditions of the Saas.


User Support

You might face a sudden problem using the Saas and you don’t promptly find any resources to help you. Then what would you do? For this reason, you need to have somebody to give quick responses when needed. Most Saas do provide online user support for answering quick questions regarding any problems faced by clients.

One of the best examples of such good user support is User.com. If any of their users face a problem and have to receive any quick assistance then users can communicate through chat support. Likewise Agentcisit self has chat support that has customer support associates on standby to assist the users when required.

Automation and Integration

These features in any Saas will enhance the user experience. Imagine being able to connect useful applications to your Saas. Agentcis with the help of Zapier lets all the clients integrate many applications into its system. Users of Agentcis can incorporate tools like google calendar, zoom, Mailchimp, and many more with this feature. After such integration users can automate tasks which can increase their efficiency of the users.

Saas mostly do offer an open API and with the help of that API key users can connect with different applications they need.



Having a Saas can be highly beneficial to every user. Because we can see that with the help of Saas a company can grow and save a lot of time. Saas has become so popular that an employee uses an average of 8 Saas systems to make their work faster. Having said that every user must consider the above-mentioned aspects while using a Saas.

We recommend taking a trial before purchasing any of the Saas and talking to their sales representative about the above factors. You can consider other aspects as well as your organizational requirements.

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