Set Standard Operating Procedure to Grow Your Agency

Having a Standard Operating procedure means having a set of compiled instructions to help others carry out a certain task. When running an education and migration agency it will not be possible for you to take control of everything. So you can create a standard operating procedure (SOP) to help others do it on your behalf. Chefs around the world use SOPs to help junior cooks to create amazing meals. Likewise, every service-providing organization can use this technique to achieve a set standard of work.

A Standard operating procedure can be of various use. You can set them up to train your new counselors as well. Instead of using an on the job training, you can provide the counselors with an SOP. With this, your counselors will have a reference document to look at whenever they need it.


Know how important can SOP be.

When you manage a large organization you have to be very careful when it comes to any activity that involves client interaction. It is because your customer experience will directly affect your brand image. So, for this reason, we have to give clear instructions to all the employees on how to perform. You provide employees with the list of things your organization expects and the resources they will need. For this reason, SOP will create a clear picture of everything you desire from your employees.

A good SOP will help your employees clearly understand their responsibilities. It will also help you communicate the best possible ways to operate a task. With an SOP you will be able to complete the tasks at the same standard as you would do on your own. Here’s a list of things why we believe SOPs are important:

a. Setting a quality benchmark

The best thing you will achieve with having a Standard Operating Procedure is consistency. If you want your education agency to give all of your clients the same level of service then you must have an SOP.

Clients will have a great brand perception of your company if they see consistency in the service you provide. So it is clear that setting an SOP is like setting a quality benchmark for your company.

b. Attain efficiency

Chefs in large hotels and restaurants are very busy as they have to take care of numerous orders. But amidst this busy schedule, they will be able to deliver food to the table. That’s the magic of an SOP. It means you through an SOP you will attain efficiency.

Especially in the case of education and migration agencies, SOP will standardize your business process. Not only this it will help to understand how well your company can perform with the set rules. Understanding this will also provide opportunities to improve the performance of your education agency.

c. Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

Once your clients are happy, automatically you will see an increase in your customer flow. Once you have more client base you will also have to have a larger team. In this stage, you will see that the role of an SOP becomes critical. So when you have an SOP you can serve more clients. An SOP will assist you in scaling your business by replicating the business process quickly. Even your team members can achieve a good growth rate without having to take a lot of trouble.

Setting SOP with Agentcis

At Agentcis you can create your own set of SOPs. This feature will help you set a standard for your business process and achieve consistent service. But before setting a workflow in Agentcis there are certain this we recommend looking into:

a. Find out the business processes that you want to standardize

b. List all the activities in the business process in chronological order

c. Create a flow chart to summarize the business process

d. Do a test

e. Implement the SOP


This preliminary activity will ensure that your SOP is correct and will be able to derive the value you want. After this, you can start creating your SOP.

Agentcis can help you create an SOP in terms of the services you provide. You can set a predefined service workflow in Agentcis which will act as the SOP for your agency. If your agency provides Australian Education services then you can create a workflow according to it. You can add additional service workflow if you want. For this feature, you need to go to the “Service” settings and click on “Add” button.

To know in detail how to set a service workflow click here.

You can scale your business easily when your tasks are done in the right way. For this reason, we recommend every business have an SOP to achieve the best potential of their business. Our Agentcis Blog is specially made for all readers belonging to education and migration agencies.  Our aim is to educate and empower everyone in the industry so that we all can grow together. Subscribe to our blog to learn more.

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