Should Startups Invest in a CRM?

Startup companies have very strong business objectives. Their founders bring innovative ideas along with a new approach to performing business activities. However, running any business is not as easy as it sounds. Most startups come across some difficulties in their journey to success.  They only become efficient and profitable when they eliminate the hurdles. Our current market has a lot of products that can help startup companies to become more productive. So startup companies should not have any second thoughts about using the resources. Company founders can use any product they require. They can invest in CRM software if they are a service-providing business.

Companies handling a lot of client information must be very careful. Because customer data can easily be mishandled. To make sure every part of the customer is going well, having a CRM really helps. Today we have come up with some strong reasons why should a Startup invest in a CRM.

Handling the customers:

All startups are new to the market. They have to face the challenge of converting a lot of customers to use their product or service.  Companies have to implement a rigorous strategy to build better brand awareness. When customers start visiting the company and making purchases there has to be the best customer service. A CRM can help any company is doing that. For instance, Agentcis a CRM dedicated to education agents helps its clients to set reminder calls and emails to their customers. This means when a company has a suitable CRM it can reduce the pressure of handling customers.

Better Focus:

According to an article by Forbes, securing the required fund, finding a work-life balance, and building a better corporate culture are the major challenges of a startup company. And that’s a lot of things to go through at once. Thus when there’s a CRM to take care of all the factors related to customer and communication, the startup founders and managers will have enough time to focus on other products.

Improved results:

We have been repeatedly saying that it is not buying a CRM it is Investing in a CRM. The reason we are saying so is that a CRM acts like any other asset. Once you acquire it gives a proper return. A study suggests that conversion rates may increase up to 300% using a CRM. So this means it is always worth investing in a CRM.

Together in speed and growth:

Growth is the fundamental goal of every company. The larger they grow more valuable they become. A CRM can actually assist any startup in its growth as well. Agentcis has numerous clients that have seen exponential growth. Here is what Jannie Chen has to say about Agentcis:

“After implementing the Agentcis system in Monkey King we not only have been able to record client information and documents but also have increased our work efficiency level.”

Read what Agentcis’ clients have to say here.

Final thoughts

We can conclude that having a CRM is always beneficial for Startup companies. The only thing we have to be careful about is the selection of the correct CRM system. A CRM system must be supportive and must bring better changes so the startup founders and investors must be cautious about which CRM system to use.



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