Signs that show you need a CRM

The education and migration business is more about understanding clients’ needs and letting them explore the best decision for themselves. A better relationship with clients brings better growth and success to your business. However, even with a good team and a good network of international universities, at some point, you might feel your business is a bit out of control. You might be frustrated because it isn’t growing as much as you think it could. So, if you and your business are struggling with these issues, it can be a sign that you need CRM software.

Well, CRM or Customer Relationship Management software certainly comes to your rescue. Though we are not suggesting that it will work like a magic wand to fix all your problems. But, it will definitely help you better manage your agency business. 


Unable to manage your client leads

Your marketing team, be it online or offline might work well to generate a good number of leads. But if you are unable to respond to the leads efficiently and your conversions are plunging, it can be a sign that you need CRM software. A CRM software like Agentcis can help you acquire and manage your leads. Its features like office check-ins let you record each client visit with a timestamp. Your team can manage their client session with comments and notes directly in check-ins. Also, you can directly assign your team members through the system to efficiently handle the client’s queries.

Difficult to locate your client’s information

Being in an education and migration business is all about clients’ contacts, university lists, quotations, applications and so forth. Initially, storing the piles of papers may work. Or using a spreadsheet may work great. However, you may have been facing difficulty locating information from the piles. This is another sign that you need a CRM.

A CRM system lets you store all their information in a single platform to make contact management simple. Agentcis keeps all of your information in one centralized location. You don’t need to check with your colleagues for the most updated spreadsheet. Moreover, you’ll save time from juggling multiple spreadsheets. It also offers a dedicated client portal for your customers so that they can directly update their details.

Team coordination isn’t going well

Whether your team is working from the office or remotely, you need to know how they are working. Also, your team needs to coordinate well with one another for a smooth workflow. Oftentimes, things get messed up. A CRM like Agentcis comes with role management features. It helps you manage control with predefined roles to match your team member’s responsibilities and duties and track their performance. Also, whenever a lead converts into a prospect, you can automate to create of a new task for your counsellor using Agentcis’ CRM.  

Client servicing is coming up short

In most cases, the manual process consumes a lot of work and has a high chance of being missed. Take an example, submitting a visa application before the final deadline. Your team needs to follow up with the client on time otherwise it will lead to application rejection. In such a context, you might need to invest in a CRM.

With Agentcis CRM, you can get reminders for visa expiry dates. Also, if you have to submit your commission invoice on time, it also reminds you of the required date. You can automate reminders for birthdays, important updates and so on. This can save a lot of your time and resources.

Unable to track finances and reports

Finances and analysis of the performance are the crucial components for the growth of any business. Having to work with multiple partners, sub-agents and clients, there is a high probability of missing to keep track of quotations, contract expiring, and commissions. Other than that, when all your data are on spreadsheets only, you will not be able to track and analyse daily operation for better reporting of both finances and performance. In such a situation, opt for a CRM system which can help you keep track of your finances and reports. Just like Agentcis which comes with in-built features of partner management, automated reminders, reporting as well as sales forecast.


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