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Agentcis Provides an All-In-One Solution to Your Agency Troubles/Hassles/Issues!
Overcome all your Business Hurdles with Agentcis

Agentcis is a powerful Agency Management Software which combines smarter business operations that
allow you to manage your agency with high efficiency. The software streamlines all your agency data into a
single platform to reduce duplication and increase productivity exponentially.


Business Solutions for
Education & Migration Agencies

Harness the Power of infinity

Custom fit to meet the requirements of any education or migration agency, be liberated to expand your business horizons anywhere. Create infinite Workflows and experience a true CRM that advances growth at all cost.

Keep Your Dollars Intact

With hundreds perhaps thousands of Invoices and Commissions piling up, no wonder agents lose track of their financials every now and then. But not when we have your back. Agentcis assembles all your Invoices and Commissions respective to their recipients, so that you never lose a single dollar ever again!

Convert Leads to Cash in a Jiffy

How much time do you have to convert a hot lead? Obviously not long. So how to instantly grab Leads as they come along? The answer is simple, prompt response and personalized service! With Agentcis, you can acquire leads from anywhere and respond within minutes. Just try our dynamic Webforms and Instant Quotations!

Stay Tuned and Updated Everyday

We are humans after all, and we forget. But your worrying days are long gone. Agentcis constantly reminds you of any important date that might be coming up. May it be appointments, due dates or collection day, you will be notified right in time. Stay updated at all times with Agentcis!


Solutions by Job Role

Owners & Directors
Task Delegation and Office

Manually overseeing daily tasks drains a lot of energy for Owners and Directors. They should be focused on building long term business strategies and goal achievement. This is why Agentcis provides a single platform to supervise multiple branch offices and delegate daily tasks. Coupled with intelligent reporting and performance analytics, business management is super easy!

Smooth Data Management and Task Supervision

Data management is key for the smooth operation of any agency. And it can be a difficult job for Administrators if your business data is scattered all over the place. Hence, Agentcis organizes and streamlines everything saving precious time and energy. Admins can even assign tasks and supervise progress step-by-step. Now, all your agency operations are carried out efficiently.

Managers & Counsellors
Efficiently Manage Leads and Client Applications

Converting Leads and tracking Client Applications can give Managers & Counsellors sleepless nights. Why not provide personal service impressing Leads and Clients alike. Agentcis allows you to track applications step-by-step and the flexibility of adding personalized notes. Never miss an important detail ever again!

Easily Create and Track Invoices and Commission

With hundreds, perhaps thousands of Invoices and Commissions to keep track of, an Accountants job is no walk in the park! If not done right, businesses lose financials crippling their infrastructure. Hence, Agentcis allows you to keep track of each and every Invoice and Commissions. With timely notifications for collection due dates, nothing will slip through the cracks.

Sub Agents & Referrers
Hassle-free Income Sharing

Education and Migration agencies heavily depend on outside agents to conduct business. Either working with Sub Agents or Referrers, you can now easily share Income and Commission Hasslefree.

Carry Your Office Anywhere

Your dedication to your craft dictates your success. So, for super agents who like giving a 110%, you will never miss out an opportunity again. Be ready at a moment's notice no matter where you are. Agentcis cloud based data management platform allows you access from anywhere, anytime!

Data Security and Auto Backup

Protecting your data is central to everything we do. Hence, we have invested in AWS secure cloud database that is encrypted for maximum security. Agentcis also maintains instantaneous backup of all your data as you go along with your daily business. With a cloud based storage that maintains multiple backup centers around the world, your data is safer than ever before.

Why SAAS ?

Software As A Service (SAAS), offers you a ready-to-go business management platform with features that are tailored to cater specific industry needs. No need to worry about equipment procurement, provisioning, installation and network monitoring. Hiring a dev-ops team to run your own platform can also be very expensive. Hence, with SAAS, financial costs are significantly reduced, scalable and predictable.