Some tips to grow your Customer Base

The most valuable asset of your business is your clients. But growing a client base is one of the most challenging aspects of any business Being in an education and migration business, you might have a tough time standing out of the crowd as the competition is growing bigger and bigger every day. There are hundreds of other migration and education agencies selling the same service as you do. Your customers have hundred other options to choose from. Here, how you present yourself will determine how you will grow your customer base.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to grow your customer base.

Solve not sell

The education and migration business is all about communication, consultation, and good client relationship. Here you cannot simply “sell”, “sell”, and “sell” your service. No one is going to listen to you until you listen to them. This means you should be able to first hear the problems that your potential audience might be facing. When you hear them, you can understand what they actually want and can serve them better. Hence, before selling, try solving their problems. And this is how they will be interested in your services to buy.

Offer great service to existing clients 

Happy clients are the best referrers. You don’t always need to rush and find new clients keeping aside the quality service to the existing clients. If you do so, neither your existing clients will be satisfied nor you will be able to obtain new clients. First try to respect your existing clients, and offer them great service so that they will become loyal to your business. They will keep your referring your business to other clients. These new clients will trust your business more than those whom you have reached directly as they have been reached through word of mouth. After all, loyal customers are worth up to ten times the amount they originally spent.

Make the most of your networks

Your network is your net worth. A strong network is one of the most powerful tools to attract new clients and increase revenue. However, networking isn’t about direct selling to everyone you know. It’s about making personal connections and building relationships of mutual benefit.

Utilize your network and build a good relationship with them. Invest in expanding your network so that you can grow your customer base.

Utilize social media by adding value to your clients

Promoting on social media or through digital platforms is not just about showcasing who you are and what you do. As said in the earlier point, your first job is to know what your clients need. So, create content solving every single query the client has. Design your website or your social media handles in such a way that you answer those queries.

For example, if they are confused about the future prospects in Australia, try creating a blog on it. The client reads the article and feels happy and informed. At the end of the blog, you include an email signup form for the newsletter. The form may say “Want to study in Australia? Sign up for free tips from us.” You can read how connections on the social media platform LinkedIn can help you grow. Click here.  


Become proactive

Once you get the leads, you cannot stay idle and let them forget you. Now is the time when you reach back to them with your solutions. Use CRM software to manage your leads efficiently and automate most of your tasks increasing your business productivity.

For instance, A CRM like Agentcis lets you assign a counselor to reach back to your lead through the system. It has bulk emailing features to send them to promote your services through offers, special discounts, or simply creating FOMO. You can send a newsletter on “Tips to score better on IELTS” and add your offer “Get 20% off on IELTS classes using the promo code now”. Automations for festive greetings, course offers, and birthday wishes will also help you maintain relationships with your prospects who can ultimately become your customers. 


Partner with other businesses

The migration consultancy industry is so vast that not all agencies can specialize in all kinds of services. Professional networking events are a great way to get to know different agencies and start building a relationship with them. If potential clients contact your agency but you do not have the services they are looking for, you can refer them to another agency you trust in your network. You will still get a commission if you are either a sub-agent or a super-agent. Building and maintaining this partner relationship will build trust and also bring you, clients, in the future in the same way through other agencies. It’s like a win-win for now and then.


Growing your customer base is all about understanding the clients’ needs and serving them with what they want. If you want to make your migration agency business operation smoother, we have built a CRM system, especially for the management of migration business operations. Get started with a free trial now.

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