Steps to convert your leads into clients through Agentcis

Who does not want leads? Leads are the lifeline of any business, and no different for an education and migration business. Though just getting the leads is near to nothing if you cannot convert any of those leads into your clients. Agentcis CRM is specifically built for education and migration businesses to help out in obtaining, managing and converting leads. 

Here, we will discuss the steps you need to follow to convert your leads through Agentcis CRM system.

1. Contact your leads immediately

Agenctis CRM comes with features that let you manage your leads by channelizing multiple platforms for collecting leads in one system and assigning dedicated counselors through the system itself. This will ensure that you contact the leads immediately once you have collected the leads. Because if you miss to contact them, the leads will lose interest in you, and will basically forget that they have contacted you. This is a loss of your marketing efforts as well as a loss of business deals. 

2. Initiate an appointment 

Agentcis users can create appointments and schedule them within the system or also through Agentcis app. After an initial conversation, do not forget to send an appointment reminder at least one day prior to the meeting. Clearly mention the date, time and location. This will not only help you show your professionalism but also be a good way to create a first good impression with the client. 

3. Track the office check-ins

You can track how many times your lead, prospect, or client has visited your office. You can also know what was discussed in the meeting within a second. Hence, this will help you analyze the counselors’ meeting times and improve the efficiency of office visits. After all, the less wait time, the more satisfied your customer will be.

4. Regular follow-ups

Follow-ups are as much important as an initial meeting. With Agentcis, you can easily assign a team member to every prospect through the system. This is mandatory in our system so that no one is left out. After your first interaction with your client, make sure to send a follow-up mail or message. The follow-up can be regarding any important information, documents, or simply a note of gratitude. Such small gestures will have a lasting impact on your client. 

5. Know your client’s interest

The “Interested Services” feature in Agentcis allows you to know now exactly what your leads or prospects want. By looking into the potential client’s profile, your team can quickly identify what they are searching for and deliver the best counseling by knowing what they want. It helps minimize customer turnover and create future service plans for your clients so that you can consult suitably.

6. Send quotation

Agentcis CRM comes with the feature of “quotation”. You can send instant quotations to provide instant suggestions and advice on services available within their price range. This will help your customers judge what products and services are available to them and what best suits their financial capacity. You can create a custom quotation template and send it immediately to the customers easily. 


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