Streamlining Administrative Processes with an Education CRM

A CRM software or Client Relationship Management (CRM) system helps businesses centralise workflows, communication, and information in a single place. Daily operation and administrative processes can be streamlined and automated, contacts can be tracked, and data can be recorded through the CRM system. A CRM can even help to measure the growth and success of a business. 

The education and migration business is highly complex and competitive. In the education and migration industry, an education CRM can meet the dynamic needs to operate in a highly competitive market and be a smooth management asset. It enhances efficiency and provides improved outcomes. 

Here we discuss how education CRM streamlines administrative processes and data management for education agents.

Streamline and centralise clients for a better client experience

An education CRM can ensure you have all your client’s information in one place, where you can easily follow your client’s activities. The system with client records lets you view the details so that you can prioritize leads as per your needs. You can effortlessly manage the multiple application of your client from their profile with all their information in hand. The system can be equipped with features like assigning a dedicated counselor, notifying you before the client visa expires, tracking the application stage, and much more. You can follow up with your client in a timely manner so that you won’t have to miss any of them.

Keep track of individual and team performance

A team’s performance and efficiency have a direct impact on your business’s profitability and growth. An education CRM helps your counselors keep track of assigned tasks, plan their time, stay on schedule and meet deadlines. Thus, using the CRM system, your counselors can view which tasks are important or require more attention to help manage their time. Scheduled reminders further help to stay on schedule even if they happen to forget or miss. This way, you will be able to measure their performance and act accordingly.

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Get partner and product management in one place

Your CRM knows how important partners and their management are in an education and migration business. So, the CRM can let you view all your partners in one place and view important information, such as contact information, office branches, offered courses & products, and many more. Similarly, you can get in-depth information about all the products offered by the partner through a glance at the system. Additionally, you can easily upload and store documents related to partners or products in the system. You can integrate other important applications to do so. For instance in Agentcis, with the help of Zapier, you can integrate other applications like Zoom, Google Suite, and others.

Save time and resources through automation

Humans can forget but the system won’t. Get automated email notifications through CRM for upcoming due invoices, new leads, visa expiry dates, task deadlines, and many more. Humans can make errors but the system won’t. Streamline the client’s journey by automating various triggers in the application stages, such as creating a list of tasks for counselors when the student reaches the offer letter stage in their application. So, follow up with leads in a timely manner using email and SMS automation. By automating different manual workflows and administration, you will actually save your time and resources.

Gain insights for better analytics and decision making

 A CRM provides different reports for you to get clear insights on operations, performance, and outcomes. Get contact reports for acquiring accurate information about leads, prospects, and clients with their sources. Obtain application reports for detailed information In Progress, Discontinued, and Completed applications to make future decisions. Further, get invoice reports for all the valuable information like total fee, income sharing amount, client & product name, and many more. And you can even export reports in a CSV file for your further data analysis.

How Agentcis can help your education and migration agency 

Agentcis CRM software is an undeniable management asset to help you successfully grow your education & migration agency. It comes with all the necessary features for streamlining your data management and administrative processes. Get a 14-day free trial today!

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