Education Fair Effective Positioning Tips For Study Abroad Agencies

No doubt, education fairs are great places for advertising study abroad agencies. It literally introduces your agency to thousands of students and parents at once. That is an excellent opportunity for your education agency to create an awesome impression, all depending on how you present yourself during the education expo.

Many education agencies will be present at an education fair as your competitors. However, a creative and unique presentation can help you stand out from the crowd. An effective positioning on education fairs for study abroad agencies can help to grow trust and popularity. As well as generate promising leads for your education agency.

To create an influential presence of your education agency, you have to act smart by employing modern tools and methods, as everyone in our generation is tech-savvy. You have to try to deliver information and services in the best and most convenient way possible. Here are a few tips for effective positioning at education fairs for your study abroad agencies:

Make an entrance

If you are dressed like a Hollywood superstar during Oscars, who do not fall for you? If not everyone, most of them will appreciate your presence or get envious of you. Study abroad agencies can present themselves in an appealing way in the education fairs. Do so for your agency too and people will surely notice you.

To do so, keep everything neat and tidy, manage your resources properly, use modern multimedia and projector, ensure a comfortable space for the visitors, and create a great visitor-friendly environment. This is how you create first impressions!

By doing so, you will have more visitors to your stall right away. Study abroad agencies need to realize that it will leave a good impact on them, who may visit your office sometime in the near future.

Ensure easy and efficient communication

Almost everyone uses a Smartphone these days followed by various web applications, especially social media. People prefer using the internet instead of traditional sources like notice boards and physical newspapers for collecting information. Study abroad agencies should be well aware of it. Therefore, you can make good use of the internet in the education fairs for providing all the information about your agency. You can create an event on your Facebook page or send tweets to inform people about your presentation at the fair.

If you have your own website, you can keep all the information on it. Information about your presentation, universities, courses, and scholarships that you will present at the fair can be kept. If you want more advertising for the education agency, you can even live stream the whole thing with the help of students and participants.

One thing study abroad agencies should not miss out being is welcoming. So, make sure everyone in your stall is well spoken, polite, and professional. Plan how each member of your team communicates with the participants. Let every student who visits your stall in education fairs feel special.

You can also use various features such as QR Codes provided by Agentcis.

Special offers and competitions

Everybody loves giveaways and discounts, which is why most businesses offer special competitions or lucky draws during fairs and festivals. Education fairs for study abroad agencies are one of the best marketing venues for an agency.

So make special announcements, give discounts on admission fees, call competitions to award students on a merit basis or organize lucky draws. A lot of study abroad agencies will be doing so. By using this strategy yourself, you will make the education fairs exciting and attract more students.

Alumni student and celebrity endorsements

Most of the time people will not have any idea about your products or services, thus unable to decide if they must go for it or not. However, if you introduce the product or agency through previous customers or celebrities, people are more likely to trust it.

Similarly, if you introduce the alumni during the education fairs and arrange an interaction program with them, students may have a better idea about the efficiency of your services. If you have the budget or right contacts, use celebrities to help your agency shine during education fairs. Find a youth icon or academic personality to endorse your agency.

Ensure plenty of academic resources and choices along with a brilliant environment for consultation – students will come to you again as well as recommend their friends. Many students eagerly wait for such expos for all the information they want. It is the perfect place to explore possibilities for higher education. And also career prospects of the courses they wish to pursue.

So plan and prepare your campaign to present, engage and attract the right candidates in the fairs for study abroad agencies

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