The Importance of a CRM system for your Education Agency

Managing potential customers is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to running a successful education & migration agency today. Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to practices and strategies organisations use to manage and analyse customer data and interactions. 

An effective CRM software for your agency can help you create a well-rounded approach to gaining and retaining customers. In turn, using the right CRM will elevate your brand creditability, improve customer retention rates and create loyalty among them. 

Agentcis is an all-in-one CRM platform to manage the customer journey to boost your sales efforts. With Agentcis, your team will be able to prioritize activities so no prospective customer feels ignored, thereby increasing your customer satisfaction.  Our software is one of the most important sales tools because it allows you to spend more time focused on the customer, resulting in higher conversion rates and loyalty.

CRM Agency

Here are four reasons why the right CRM system is important for your education and migration business:

Facilitating Communication With Customers

One of the primary challenges of an education and migration agency is effectively managing communications with customers.  A CRM system, like Agentcis, helps you navigate your partners and their services to match your customers’ preferences. Consequently, this lets you act accordingly during a consultation and help you deliver elite results. 

For example, if you have an Agentcis’ web form on your website, your prospective customer can share their interested courses with you directly in Agentcis. As a result, you can provide a quotation based on their preferences using Agentcis. Quotations help your customers judge what products and services are available to them and best suit their financial capacity. This gives customers access to the information they need to move forward with the sale of your services.

Furthermore, by using various Agentcis features, you can easily facilitate and establish a relationship with potential customers. However, Agentcis will also maintain an ongoing relationship with your current customers, where you can send automated birthday messages and get notified when their service is finishing up. 

Improves Customer Service and Satisfaction

Great customer service is critical in the International Education sales sector. Ensuring your team members are exceeding customer expectations will positively impact customer retention. Additionally, a satisfied customer will likely recommend your services to their friends and family, boosting your reputation. 

But, how do we guarantee satisfactory customer service?  

The key is to effectively manage clients through CRM. CRM makes it easier for education and migration agencies to engage in personalized conversations. Agentcis’ achieves this through the various actions you can take to interact with your customers. For instance, you make notes throughout the application process of your customer’s comments. You can also use Agentcis’ task management to schedule your tasks, where you get notified so you can stay on track with deadlines. By monitoring your tasks with Agentcis, you can provide the best service to your customer by filling their needs and wants. 

A CRM will help you provide unmatched customer service, enabling you to gain a competitive advantage.

Enabling Remote Work 

With the right CRM system, it will give your overseas and migration agents the flexibility to work from home and still conduct business as usual. 

By using Agentcis, you can work from anywhere remotely, managing your business across different cities, countries and continents through cloud-based computing. A CRM system like Agentcis helps you to acquire customers, manage them efficiently and grow fast with your business.

Improves Teamwork

One of the main advantages of adopting a CRM system is the ability to work productively and collaboratively. Without a CRM system, it would be impossible for your team to consistently connect and work together.

Adopting Agentcis ensures you can manage your clients, products, and partners, all in one place. You can further create invoices and monitors your team’s performance. Additionally, you can set up automated email reminders to alert upcoming tasks and appointments. 

By using a CRM system, all the details of interaction can be logged between you and your customers. Emails, appointments, and tasks are stored in one place it vital for a smooth functioning workplace. 


Undoubtedly, a CRM system will provide your education agency value by its various advantages. Through Agentcis features, we hope you understand the importance of using a CRM to acquire customers, manage data and grow your agency.

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