How To Track Business Activity With Agentcis on Board

As someone who works in a dynamic sector such as education and migration agency, it must be a tough task to track business activity. Moreover, it’s already a challenge keeping track of the stages of your numerous clients and leads. So, while you’re taking care of all these important stuff, Agentcis makes sure that you’re well-organized.

Imagine there’s a client who wants to start processing for Australia for Bachelors in Nursing. But, after waiting a week without any reply from her agent, she decides to switch the agency. Loss of thousands of revenue for your agency, right?

Later, as the owner, you find out that Agent A wasn’t even aware he was responsible for the client. Someone had simply added the client to his list along with six others. As a busy agent, it’s only natural that they forget about one or two clients.

But, Agentcis knows that you are losing your potential in doing so. That’s why it notifies you the moment some changes- both minor and vital- are made in its system. Find out by starting your 14 Days Free Trial right now.

With these notifications, you’ll be able to reap the following benefits for your agency:

1. Proper use of time

When you’re aware about all that’s assigned to you and get notified every time some change happens, then you can manage your time accordingly. Unlike, finding out something in the last minute, you’ll track business activity the minute some changes take place. So, if a client or application has been changed then you’ll know how to schedule your work accordingly. Plus, you won’t even have to check your email continuously for updates since its all there in one system.

2. Larger pool of clients

Most of the times, agents lose their potential clients by not being there for the leads. Well, of course they need to take out time for their important clients than attend to leads. But, with Agentcis, agents can get notified once a lead has been identified. And then, send a quotation that can be easily made within the system in no time. This way you’ll acquire more clients and enjoy the lifetime value each will provide.

3. Track and monitor activities

You’ll get an instant notification the moment something has been changed. While some of it may be via the system itself, rest are by email. With this, you’ll be able to track business activity and guide the team if necessary. Everything happening inside the agency will be under the owner’s control so there’s no chance of carelessness.

4. Build relationship with clients

We all know what a customer lifetime value is, right? It’s the total amount of transaction we have with a certain client throughout his/her life. This means profit of a lifetime. As for education and migration agency, it is important to reap the same from their clients too. Once they’re done processing for one country doesn’t mean they’ll stop travelling to another. So, Agentcis notifies you about a client’s important documents, say VISA, expiry date in advance. Just like everyone else, these busy clients value your concern and tend to use your service when needed.

5. Prepare ahead of time

There are a lot of things that run the minds of busy agents. So, naturally they tend to forget and stay updated with minor things. Well, minor things that are of huge deal to the clients like their application deadline or invoice collection date. Agentcis takes care of all that by reminding you when they are due or if they are overdue. Hence, with these notifications you will be able to prepare all the documents needed before they’re due.

6. Increase in revenue

With the above mentioned benefits, it’s obvious that you will have financial benefits sooner or later. A proper time management will better your performance and a larger pool of clients will surely bring in more profits. Thus, in no time will you have got maximum return on your investments.

A simple feature that has so many benefits for your agency. Moreover, it has been crafted keeping in mind the problem most agents face. Sure, many use some kind of software to record tasks to look at every day before starting their work. But, not one notifies them about these simple but important changes which, if taken care of, can increase their profits.

A successful agency business is run by well-managed agents and you should be one of them. For this, you’ll need a competent assistant that track business activity and keeps record of important things. And, there’s no other than Agentcis that performs effectively and won’t even hurt your pocket.

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