Education And Visa Advisor: Integrated Client Management and Invoicing Software

Education visa advisor agency is one of the fastest booming and highly profitable business sectors in the world today. Students are not confined within the boundary of any one country to pursue higher and better-quality education. The limitless overflow of information can create confusion in the mind of a student. Thus, education and student visa advisor plays a crucial role in helping students find the perfect university/campus as per their requirements. Education consultant guides the students to authorized CRICOS registered institutes.

Being a person operating an education visa advisor agency you must be aware of the use of various tools. These tools can create a significant impact on the growth and survival of an education consultancy. Integrated Client Management and Invoicing Software is one such tool. Using this tool offers countless benefits to its users, especially to an abroad study consultancy. Consultants can ensure improved accessibility, combine multiple tools and applications and integrate a host of functions and services, along with accomplishing much more tasks in a short period.

Agentcis, a leader in producing the best-integrated client management and invoice system for migration and abroad study consultancy takes the integration factor very seriously. Therefore, you will acknowledge benefits the software creates to your abroad study consultancy through the combination of client information management and invoicing functions.

Some major benefits to an education consultancy include:

 One stop solution:

General query amongst education consultancy is “Why do they need integrated client management and invoicing system when they already have multiple systems to handle client information and to manage invoices?” Apparently, the answer to the question lies within the above question itself. Why make multiple purchases when an integrated platform can perform both these functions.

 No formal training required:

Without any formal accounting training,  employees can understand, manage and update the invoicing process through the use of the application such as Agentcis. The “Invoices” section under “Accounts” assists in keeping track of invoices and avoiding loss of commission; two main problems faced by abroad study visa advisor.

 Promptly handle queries:

Clients and partners queries regarding the payables and receivables can be addressed quickly without consulting the accounts department. Doing this saves a lot of time and also helps in creating a dependable image for the company.

 Reduce basic invoicing errors:

Common problems such as wrong invoicing and under/over invoicing can be drastically reduced through the use of an Integrated Client Management and Invoicing, such as Agentcis. A well synced “Clients” profile section and “Accounts” section allows you to quickly cross-check the overall financial transaction. It takes place within a specific service cycle for a particular client.

 Track expenses:

Record Student-related various expenditures such as the payment made for a student’s accommodations, insurance or taxi fare for taking them to their university/college when they arrive for the first time. By creating a separate invoice for each service you provide to an individual client you can record this information.

Education and visa advisor needs to have a clear picture of how money is flowing within the organization. Hence, precise mapping of where money is coming from and where it is going is essential for a consultancy’s survival.

Agentcis, one of the most used agency software is equipped with well-integrated client management and invoicing software. This helps education visa advisor gain an edge over its competitors and always be a step ahead than others.

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