How Global Consultancy Can Acquire Leads From Webform

Technology has made life simpler for everyone. Mostly for education and migration agencies, there are no limits. With the advancement of mobile and internet technologies, people today spend most of their time online. It’s where your leads are most present too. To acquire them, Agentcis gives you webform.

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A webform is an online form on a web page that allows its users to enter data which is then sent to the server for processing. They’re very similar to paper/database forms and can be filled out using checkboxes or text fields.

Agentcis provides dynamic webform for agents to reach out to their potential clients and to acquire a lead. These webform help agencies in reaching out to a far larger target audience compared to conventional paper forms.

The best part about webform is that it can be shared online through social media. Global consultancy can share webform link on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Furthermore, social media is the best medium to reach out to the masses. So, with webforms, you will be able to acquire online leads easily.

There’s more to a webform than just that. You can find them listed down below:


Yes! These webforms are customizable according to the needs of your agency. Agentcis gives you the ability to obtain and control the type of information you collect from your customer. By creating specified fields, businesses will be able to collect only the necessary and required information.

Easy Leads Allocation

Once a lead fills a webform, they’ll be automatically directed to the relevant branch office. This will erase the need to allocate them manually by the users. It also assists in easily managing your client data. All the information and preference are stored directly in your system providing practical and easy data management solutions.

Leads Source Identification

One major advantage of webform is that it lets you know where the leads are coming from. By knowing this information, you will be able to know where to market your business more. Plus, you can save time, effort and budget in sources the leads are coming less from.

Multiple embed option

QR scanner is also available with the dynamic Agentcis webform which can further facilitate prompt action. With this, you will be able to download information into the crm quickly. Additional benefits of the QR scanner is that you can also download the QR code from the application. And use it on your business cards, pamphlets, brochures and even at the reception desk of your global consultancy.

Instant Response

Similarly, web form link can also be sent via email to reach out to potential leads.

Agents might not be available 24/7 to reply to every query that a potential client might have. Lack of prompt reply may force the client to reach out to other agents providing the same service. However, using the automated reply on web form provided by Agentcis will ensure that you do not leave a single query unattended.

Always remember prompt reply creates a positive image on the minds of the potential clients. Webform has replaced the conventional forms in many businesses today because of the wider reach these forms offer.

It’s always better to provide the option for your customers. Besides phone number, address and email, webform can be an active medium for your potential clients to reach out to your business.

Your potential clients can fill webforms as per their convenience. As a result, comparatively larger number of audience fill it up than conventional paper forms.

In this highly competitive market, if you can reach out to more leads you to have a high chance of increasing the number of clients for your agency. Webforms are the best medium for global consultancy to reach a large scale target audience. Thus, make the most out of Webform that Agentcis provides for you to achieve greater scales.

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