What education agents need to know before they accept a new client?

A new client is a delight to all education agents and migration agents. Studying abroad is a big decision for every student. So, for a student, he/she should understand the background of the education consultancy. On the other hand, this is applicable to the education agent as well. The education agent should also know a few things before accepting a new client. Here are a few.

What education agents need to know before they accept a new client?

Background, skills and interest areas

An education agent should be well-aware of the background of the client. This includes what the client has studied before, who will support his/her education, previous travel history, any relatives abroad, previous work experience and so-on. In addition to that. The educational counsellor should also ask the client about their areas of interest and skills because it will highly determine on how the agent should counsel the career guidance. Based on the interest and skill of the client, the counsellor should make an educational plan to meet their career goal.

Understanding future goals

Before diving into the suggestions, the education agent should understand the future goal of the clients. Many consultancies promise unrealistic expectations to their clients before even knowing what they aspire to. Don’t be that guy. Ask the clients clearly about  what career they want to choose for themselves. As your job is to enlighten the clients on future prospects also aligning with their aspirations, you need to learn more on their career goals.

Assign dedicated counsellor

Once you turn your lead into your client, your job is to assign a dedicated counsellor for the client. This will make communication easier for clients as well as the agency. The single point of contact will lead the entire counselling process due to which there will be lesser chances of miscommunication. The client will also feel the sense of trust once a good rapport is established between the counsellor and the client. Similarly, the counsellor will also have the sense of sole- responsibility and dedication towards a particular client.

Double-checking on everything

You need to get some documentation from the clients’ side before beginning the studying abroad process. The documents can be their academic details, work experience certifications, bank statements, relation status documents, and so-on. You need to cross verify the submitted documents to know whether they are correct and updated or not. Besides documents, you also need to double-check on the information provided by the client. Otherwise, it may bring problems in the later part of the visa application process.

Final Thoughts

Every relation starts with the foundation of trust and transparency from both ends. So, for education agents also, it’s important to understand and make things clear on a few things before accepting a new client. After all, it’s always better to prepare than ruin later. 

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