What’s ImmiAccount? Everything you need to know

Our current world is moving towards digitisation at a rapid pace. The paperwork has now been fully computerised. To keep up with this, the Australian Government established ImmiAccount, a digital platform for visa applications that eliminates document-related difficulties for applicants and agents. If you are about to migrate to Australia or even a study abroad consultancy that facilitates applications for migration in Australia, you need to know about ImmiAccount.

Our objective is to assist you to stay ahead of the competition by providing you with information on all aspects of Immiaccount.

You can apply online to ImmiAcount here.

What Is ImmiAccount?

ImmiAccount is the digitised platform for Australian visa applications, majorly helping the applicants and agents from the paperwork burdens of visa applications. It is an online gateway through which you can access online visa services from anywhere in the world. It’s like a status tracking software but with more features designed for visa applications.

How to create an ImmiAccount?

Whether you are in Australia or any other country as a client, agent, or sponsor, you can create an ImmiAccount.

There are two types of ImmiAccount: Individual and Organisation.

To create an individual ImmiAccount you must be:

  • an individual applicant
  • a family member filling in on behalf of an applicant
  • a friend assisting with the application process

To create an organisation ImmiAccount you must be:

  • from an organisation
  • a registered migration agent
  • from a sponsoring company

If you are an individual applicant, a family member, or a friend helping with the application process, you can create ImmiAccount by following the steps below:

  1. Log on to https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/register
  2. Fill in your user details (family name, telephone number, email address)
  3. Mention your account details (username, password, secret questions, security alerts)
  4. Enter “Submit”

If you are an organisation, a registered migration agent, or a sponsoring company, you can log to the same link and create ImmiAccount following the steps below:

  1. Select ‘Organisation’.
  2. Select the check box for the services you need (Online Lodgement, Organisation Account Administration, Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for organisations, LEGENDcom)
  3. Enter your user details
  4. Enter your account details
  5. Submit and Wait for Approval from Organisation Account Administrator (OAA) 

Your account will remain an ‘Individual’ account until the approval request is accepted.

Change your account type

You can request a change to your account if you create an individual rather than an organisation account.

Follow these instructions to request a change to your account:

  • Login to ImmiAccount
  • Choose ‘Manage Account’
  • Choose ‘Request access’
  • Go to ‘Request additional services’
  • Select the organisation online services you need
  • Enter your organisation details
  • Enter ‘Submit’

If you have applications in your account, you should request the “online lodgement” service. If you don’t request this service, you’ll lose access to your application when your account type changes.

Access your ImmiAccount

Many of the online services are accessible via your ImmiAccount. If you can’t access your ImmiAccount, try clicking the ‘Forgotten username or password’ button or asking your Organisation Account Administrator (OAA) for assistance.

All usernames are unique, and you can’t repurpose or alter your username even if you close the account.

Your account will be locked for 60 minutes if you enter an incorrect username or password five times. Use the ‘forgotten password’ link and provide the correct answers to your secret questions to unlock your account.

Forgotten username and password

You must provide the correct username and password to log in to ImmiAccount. The username is not case sensitive but the passwords are.

Follow the following steps if you forget your username:

  • Go to ImmiAccount
  • Click ‘I have forgotten my ImmiAccount username’
  • Enter the email address linked with your username.
  • Click the ‘I am not a robot’ check box
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Check your email

Follow the following steps if you forget your password:

  • Go to ImmiAccount
  • Click ‘I have forgotten my ImmiAccount password’
  • Enter the username for your ImmiAccount
  • Click the ‘I am not a robot’ check box
  • Click ‘continue’
  • Check your email

Manage your ImmiAccount

Create a new password

You need to change your password often to protect your account. Immiaccount allows you to change your password anytime. It’s recommended to change your password every

  • 180 days for an Individual account
  • 90 days for an Organisation account

Follow the following steps to create a new password:

  • Login to your ImmiAccount
  • Choose ‘Manage Account’
  • Choose the ‘Password’ tab
  • Enter your existing password
  • Enter your new password
  • Enter your new password again to confirm
  • Click ‘Save’

Change your email address

You can change your email address in ImmiAccount at any time.

Follow the following steps to change your email address:

  • Log in to your ImmiAccount
  • Choose ‘Manage Account’
  • Choose the ‘Account Details’ tab
  • Submit your new email address
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the changes
  • Check your email

Update your secret questions and answers

Follow the following steps to update your secret questions and answers:

  • Login to your ImmiAccount
  • Choose ‘Manage Account’
  • Choose the ‘Secret questions’ tab
  • Enter your password
  • Select your new secret questions
  • Submit your new answers
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the change.

What can you do with an ImmiAccount?

ImmiAccount is a gateway to apply for Australian visas online if you plan to study, migrate or travel to Australia. That means, by creating an ImmiAccount, you can:

  • Apply for an Australian Visa or Citizenship online
  • Access online visa services
  • Track the application progress 
  • Manage applications
  • Pay application fees

Full function breakdown:

  1. Apply for an Australian Visa or Citizenship online

As mentioned earlier, ImmiAccount is the online portal to the Department of Home Affairs, where you make your visa applications. It also allows you to submit multiple online applications. Likewise, it is a new self-service tool, and it accepts all online visa and citizenship requests except Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) applications.

2. Access online visa services

As ImmiAccount is a front door to all online visa services, it connects you to My Health declaration, Visa finders, visa entitlement verification online or VEVO, and pricing estimator. It also allows you to import an application and attach documents to an online or imported paper application. Meanwhile, you can get access to Legendcom Database from ImmiAccount. With Legendcom, you can access an electronic database of Migration and Citizenship legislation, policy documents, and much more. In short, you can use it effectively to provide the best information to your clients.

3. Track the application progress

With an ImmiAccount, you know the progress of your application. You can choose to receive communication and status alerts by emails from ImmiAccount each time the status of your application changes. It is a great time-saving feature provided by ImmiAccount.

4. Manage applications

Once you create your application, you can save and continue it conveniently by clicking “Save” at the bottom of each screen. You can quickly amend any wrong information entered. Furthermore, you can notify the department of changes in passport details by submitting these forms after completion.

5. Pay application fees

ImmiAccount also allows you to submit and pay for multiple applications at the same time. All payments can be made by credit card in Australian Dollars. For some visas, PayPal and UnionPay can be used too. 

How does ImmiAccount help education and migration agents?

ImmiAccounts, the new system, lets you create, submit, pay for, and manage online visa applications on a single platform. In short, ImmiAccount is a direct gateway to the Australian immigration department. ImmiAccount can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As a migration agency, ImmiAccount is a must-have account to streamline and grow your business. ImmiAccount accepts all online visa and citizenship requests except Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) applications.

Any online system that connects government agencies with private institutions or individuals to help streamline mundane processes is a step in the right direction. Such methods like ImmiAccount give qualified migration agents an edge while dealing with clients. 

Why choose migration agent software like Agentcis? 

Agentcis is the top-rated CRM for migration consultants, assisting in over 100,000+ visa and education applications globally. ImmiAccount has streamlined the visa application in Australia. Agentcis can help you manage all the related contact data, such as alerting the stage of the visa process through the client portal.

When using ImmiAccount, you’ll know there is a lot of documentation needed. Prepare yourself with Agentcis Document Checklist, making it easy to see which clients’ documents are required at the different stages of an application. Most importantly, to help you save time, clients can also upload documents directly in their client portal, making it easy for you to access in Agentcis System. Furthermore, you can also alert the client through an automation email to notify them when the documents need to be uploaded. Likewise, this ensures you have the correct records without having to sort through your emails.

What migration agents should know about Immiaccount?

Here are a few essential things migration agents should know about it:

Easy Registration Process

There are two types of ImmiAccounts: Individual ImmiAccount and Organizational ImmiAccount. Individual ImmiAccounts are for solo applicants, immediate family members, or friends who can apply for a visa or citizenship. Organisation ImmiAccounts is for organisations and migration agents applying for a visa or citizenship or checking visa entitlements on behalf of their clients. Applying for it is very easy. Once you have applied to it, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection takes an average of five working days to process your request.

Manage Information Effectively

With online processing systems like ImmiAccounts, migration agents are in a better position to grow their business. Using visa processing systems like ImmiAccount makes them time efficient. Furthermore, ImmiAccount assures clients that their applications are tracked at every stage of the process. We now know that migration is an emotional decision for the applicant. But, it is more pragmatic for the authorities and migration agencies.

Uploading documents directly in the visa applications is swifter and more efficient than mailing all the required documents. Not only that, but it also lets you update and notify the Australian department of a change of email, change in passport details, and other information.

Track Visa Applications Efficiently

Manually tracking visa applications and their stages of progress without ImmiAccount used to be mentally draining. Moreover, chances were high that many steps in the process were obsolete. ImmiAccounts and its new features have revolutionised the whole process. 

Respond Faster

Besides speeding up the process using ImmiAccount, tech-savvy migration agencies have the advantage of providing timely information and keeping clients updated through it. They are quick to respond and manage their internal and external communications effectively. Thus you can let clients know about the outcome of their applications on time, with the help of ImmiAccount. It is a proven way of winning their trust.

Access LEGENDcom Database

Apart from being an online processing system, it is also a gateway to  LEGENDcom. It hosts documents about migration laws, rules, regulations, and much more. As a migration agent, having access to this sort of information and using it effectively can do wonders to boost your client success ratio.

Promote Wider Outreach

When migration agents are privy to online management databases like this, there are higher chances of attracting more clients worldwide. ImmiAccounts requires mandatory registration for full use. It eventually leads to a subtle promotion for the migration agency on the internet and validates its work. With nearly 3.4 billion internet users worldwide and growing, the potential is tremendous.

The worlds of client, migration agent and authority have become much closer than ever because of innovations like ImmiAccounts. It is because of direct access to immigration documentation and the ability to track applications online through it. This is a positive breakthrough for the Australian Government, thus increasing trust and transparency in their system.

How Does ImmiAccount Benefit You?

Make Your Documentation Easier

Undoubtedly, handling the piles of documents from thousands of applicants is tiresome for a migration and education agency. With ImmiAccount, you can arrange the documents online and access them easily whenever required. Furthermore, all documents uploaded in ImmiAccount are securely backed up and easily trackable.

As mentioned before, Agentcis can make document collection processes slick through the Document Checklist.

Process Your Clients’ Visa Faster

Remember how hectic it was to submit your clients’ visas and wait unknowingly about process stages? Well, no more. Gone are the days of anxiously calling the officials to know the status of the numerous visas you were handling.

Every step is just a click away in an ImmiAccount. This way, you can assure your client and update them with their application stage timely. This can also build trust among your clients, guaranteeing them to get a visa on time.

Correct Your Mistakes Easily

Even with years of experience, mistakes happen sometimes. But you cannot afford to enter any wrong information in a visa application. Previously, it used to cost a lot of processing time, official procedures, documents, etc. ImmiAccount has made it easier to correct any mistake you make while submitting a visa application. 

Get Access To Legendcom Database

LEGENDcom is an electronic database of Migration and Citizenship legislation, policy documents, and so on. ImmiAccount gives you access to LEGENDcom, including all information on immigration legislation and policies to provide relevant information to your clients. Staying informed will directly boost trust with your clients.


Applying for abroad studies and migration is a massive decision for anyone. So, the clients look for the best agents who can assist them in their process. Therefore, having an efficient online processing system like ImmiAccount will have the edge over business efficiency.

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FAQs for Immiaccount

Are there any predetermined criteria for signing up for immiaccounts?

There are no predetermined criteria for signing up for immiaccounts. Anyone who wants to apply for a visa online can create and manage their accounts. The website is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Is it possible to create immiaccounts after submitting the visa application?

Not only can you create an immiaccount after submitting the visa application, but you can also import the visa application into the newly formed immiaccount. However, this is determined by the category of visa that you applied for.

I want to withdraw my visa application. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw your application from immiaccount. But here’s the catch- you have to do it before the decision about your application is made. To do so, you can either complete Form 1446- Withdrawal of a visa application or do it through a letter or an email. Also, make sure to include your date of birth, file reference number/transaction record number, full name and date of application. Similarly, Applicants over the age of 18 should sign the letter of withdrawal or the form. Keep in mind that even if you remove the application from immiaccounts, the application will not be withdrawn.

What are the reasons for visa applications to be rejected?

There are several reasons why a visa application is rejected. They are-

  • Inputting faulty information
  • The difference in the claims and the mentioned details in the form.
  • Unqualified character and health requirements.
  • Not meeting the conditions of a previous visa.

Who are eligible for signing up for immiaccounts?

Eligibility in signing up for immiaccounts are-

  • Both Australian residents and non-resident individuals can sign up for an immiaccount.
  • Applicants represented by a family member can sign up for an immiaccount.
  • Associates of the applicant can sign up for it.
  • Someone appointed by the applicant to help with the processes can sign up for the immiaccount.
  • Employer representative, the applicant’s probable employer prospect, and a nominating or sponsoring employer can sign up for it.
  • Organisation representatives undertaking an activity involving the applicant during the visit can sign up.
  • Authorised recipients can sign up for immiaccounts.
  • Someone seeking access to LEGENDcom can sign up for immiaccounts.

What are the processes for revising my details?

It is a must that you report the changes in the immiaccount as soon as possible.

  • Inform for an address location change for uncertain application
  • Notify in case of changes in contact information so that the authorities can quickly get a hold of you
  • Communicate in case of any updates in passport information
  • Provide evidence for any change of name in the passport so that the processing won’t be dragged.

You can either do the changes through immiaccounts, or by completing an online form. Also, the completed form can be a scanned copy, electronically signed, or even a picture.

How do I check the provided visa evidence number and the visa grant number?

The visa grant number will be provided in the post or email regarding the visa grant notification. In cases where you use immiaccounts for visa application, you will find the visa grant number provided in your grant letter. For visa evidence number, check the visa label (if issued) attached to your passport. You will find it there.

There can be situations where you cannot access either your visa evidence number or your visa grant number. Do not falter; you can refer to the reference number provided in the email. Through that, you will have to fill out an online form and request the required amounts.

What can I do to change my information online?

The immiaccounts provide you access to multiple forms which you can fill to change information. They are as follows-

  • Email address information change
  • Incorrect answer notification
  • Withdrawal of unauthorised recipient
  • Appointment of the authorised recipient
  • Circumstance change notification
  • Address information change
  • Passport information change

By filling these forms, you can revise the information in your provided application. Also, keep in mind that you can only change data through the immiaccounts if you haven’t already made variations in your name, date of birth and the country of passport. In a case where you have already made the updates, you will have to fill out another form- Form 929: Change of address and passport details and submit it.

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