Why is QEAC important for every education agent?

If you are in the education and migration business, you should have already heard the term “QEAC”. In this blog, we will introduce you to what QEAC means and why is it important for every education agent.

Starting from its abbreviation, QEAC stands for Qualified Education Agency Counsellors. That means, it is a certification provided to education agents, employees of an education agency, or those pursuing careers as an education and migration counselor. So, if a counselor successfully completes EATC, the Education Agent Training Course, then the counselor will receive this certification. The course allows them to provide quality services to students aspiring to study in Australia.

QEAC certification is developed by PIER, ICEF, and other government organizations. Therefore, this worldwide recognized course indicates that each education counselor with this certification is specialized in student recruitment for various countries across the world.

QEAC education agent

Benefits of being a QEAC

1. Shows your professionalism

If you are QEAC certified, prospective students or their parents and even educational institution will have the impression that you are capable of providing quality counseling services and have the required knowledge of student visas and regulations. Hence, this will help you demonstrate your professionalism.

2. Meets the international universities’ criteria 

Most Australian education institutions have the criteria that their agents needs have the QEAC qualification. So, before engaging in any of their services, you can meet their criteria of having the QEAC certification.

3. Assurance of quality

Studying abroad is a big decision and students become picky when they choose their educational counselor. Because if one chooses an agent who is not qualified or experienced, it may result in visa rejection and impact the educational career. Hence QEAC certification gives that assurance of quality and currently there are 8,500+ QEACs worldwide.

How to become a QEAC?

In order to become a QEAC, a counselor needs to take the Education Agent Training Course. By the end of the course, the agent should successfully complete the Certification Exam.

Course Materials

The EATC mainly covers four areas for education counselors specializing in Australia as an education destination:

  1. Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  2. Regulations & Legislation (REG)
  3. Working Effectively (WEF)
  4. Ethics (ETH)

After you complete the material for each unit, you need to take free self-assessment questions. Thus, these questions act as mockups for your QEAC Exam. Additionally, according to PIER, you need to complete a minimum of 50 hours for studying the Education Agent Training Course (EATC).

Steps to apply

  1. Take any of the free courses or the approved education agent training courses.
  2. Complete and pass the final exam of the course.
  3. Apply for your qualification. However, only if your application is approved you will be classified as a qualified education agent, and receive a unique badge number and certification document.

To sum up, the QEAC qualification is not mandatory at the moment. However, it can be a good indication of the quality of the agent.

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