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Novel coronavirus outbreak, originated from Wuhan, China, now has become global pandemic and increasing rapidly around the world. This has created an  extreme crisis in many countries in a short time, some even leading to lockdowns. This has compelled many businesses to embrace remote working. In this context, many institutions are now implementing online learning environment for their international and domestic students so that this outbreak doesn’t hamper their studies. Hence, it is now the best time for Education and Migration Agency to start implementing a remote work environment for their counselors to safeguard their health and well-being.

Agentcis can prove to be a boon at this time which allows all the overseas education and migration agents to work from home and still be able to monitor all their clients in the same way. With Agentcis, you can work from anywhere remotely, managing your business across different cities, countries and continents. In this need of the hour when so many businesses are shutting down due to coronavirus, a system like Agentcis helps you to acquire, manage and grow fast with your business. 


The dashboard on the system to check the performance of different offices and track the number of leads, prospects and clients. The owner can also set tasks for the day to different consultants which they can see on their screen. The owner can also give permission to some other person to set the tasks for all the consultants. 

Agentcis Dashboard

Creating and Sharing Lead Forms

Using Agentcis, one can create unlimited customizable inquiry forms for the clients and partners. There are 3 ways of sharing the lead forms- using the form link or by embedding the form on the website or by sharing the QR code on email IDs. As businesses are moving towards working from home, the agents can look forward to conduct online Zoom sessions. They can easily address concerns of the students regarding different courses, Universities and education in different countries. 

Creating and Sharing Lead Forms

Managing Clients, Partners and Products

The education and migration agents can effectively manage their clients, partners and products by adopting Agentcis. All the inquiries received from the lead form can easily be tracked in the Inquiries section. These inquiries then convert into your clients once you approve them, assign them to a particular consultant online and then create an application for that student.

You can easily create reminders for your team members by creating a new task for them. You can also select a task category to make it more specific and set task priority so that assignee can understand the urgency of the task.

The system already has a database consisting of all the partners with the required details. It contains respective courses offered and their fee structure which is updated regularly from our team. Therefore, it removes the hassle of adding the fees every time you are creating a new application for your clients. A new partner can also be added manually on your own using the feature of “Add Partner” . You can add different branches, products and fees for that partner. The commissions can also be easily handled with the partners through Agentcis. 

Creating Invoices

Gone are the days when you have to manually create the invoice and store them on your laptops. Agentcis allows you to create invoices for all the clients on the CRM itself. The feature of auto-invoicing available in the system can remove the task of creating an invoice every time. The system can automatically generate invoices and share it with the partners. There is also an option of “Group Invoice” . This allows to send multiple invoices of a group of students together who are going to the same University at the same time. It helps to save a lot of time and increases efficiency. 

Create Group Invoice


On evaluating in totality, Agentcis can be an effective solution for all the education and migration agents working from home. It can be a vital time to handle your businesses more efficiently during this time. COVID-19 has hit all businesses quite hard. To know more about the different software and tools that the businesses can use at this time, you can read our article on “How To Work Remotely during COVID-19 Crisis“.

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